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Best HTC Titles This Month

Best HTC Vive Titles This Month

Best HTC Vive Games I’ve Played in Time For Christmas 2017

Santa is on the way but it doesn’t mean it’s time to put down the VR helmet. These are the best HTC Vive Games I recommend this month. As per my previous list, These are not always newly discovered games as I am playing a LARGE backlog of VR games I haven’t had the chance to complete. My general rules about the games I choose to review are that they must 1. Primarily use Tracked Motion Controllers(no gamepads, sorry) and 2. Work with the HTC Vive. This list is not necessarily in a specific order but just my 5 recommendations.

Best HTC Vive Games I’ve Played – December 2017, In Time For Christmas

Nature Treks VR

Nature Treks VR

1. Nature Treks VR

Review Score – 10/10

Why? : This one brought a smile to my face. It always was rewarding to discover and explore each environment. The amount of content for a $9.99 is beyond generous. The visuals are top notch for a small developer and rivals many of the bigger titles. It has two different locomotion options so you can pick your poison.

To be fair, Nature Treks VR isn’t really a game. It’s more of an experience. You walk around – listening to ambient electronic music which has some minor visualizer results. There is a generous amount of area to explore in each environment and the author actually is releasing new environments(as of this review, a new environment was released Nov 2017.) You don’t win or lose – you just experience.

Links : Review | Video Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

2. Paranormal Activity : The Lost Soul

Review Score – 8/10

Why? After a couple months, this is still the best jump scare/fear game on the VR system in my opinion. It has a bit of polish, a good mix of escape room mechanics and puzzles and multiple endings. If you want your Christmas to be extra scary, fire up this title.

The game has a very polished, high quality look to it compared to other VR horror games out there. The music, sound and recurring jump scares always keep you on your toes – even if you’ve ran through the game a few times. There are a few times I simply close my eyes while playing this game and wait for the inevitable.

Links : Review | Let’s Play

The Exorcist: Legion VR

The Exorcist: Legion VR

3. Exorcist : Legion VR

Review Score – 8/10

Why? : This one to me is the younger, episodic brother of Paranormal Activity : The Lost Soul(#2 on the list). It is cheaper and offers an experienced based upon different locations and ideas. Sadly, the game length is still short counting the two episodes together. Because of it being a cheaper cost, I recommend it secondary to PA : the Lost Soul if you’re grabbing both. A good thing this one offers though : A hint system.

Graphically and audio wise the game looks very polished. You can tell Wolf & Wood carried over a lot of their great work from A Chair in a Room : Greenwater with this title. You can see a lot of effort put particularly into the menu system as well – utilizing the phone and a nice little inventory for the tools you find along the way. Difficulty wise, you will have some situations you CAN die but it seems the game keeps you in a loop until you solve the issue without losing any time. I appreciate this since replaying puzzle sections in VR that you have already completed is quite tedious.

Links : Review | Let’s Play(Full Game)

4. Nick

Review Score : 8/10

Why? : It’s a FREE TO PLAY, Christmas themed wave shooter that isn’t bad to play during December. It actually looks good and has more complexity than some of the $5-$15 titles. There isn’t much more to say than that.

Overall – Nick looks good. It’s polished, dare I say featuring some nice Christmas themes and some one-liners similar to a Duke Nukem or Serious Sam game. It’s free – How can I not recommend it? It really doesn’t feature any less content than some games that are in the $5-$15 range that are essentially the same game so I give it my seal of approval.

Links : Review | Let’s Play(Up to Wave 22 on Casual)

Downward Spiral: Prologue

Downward Spiral: Prologue

5. Downward Spiral : Prologue

Review Score – 8/10

Why ? It’s a $2 game that surprisingly, didn’t get me motion sick. It has a unique movement system(pulling and pushing yourself against zero gravity) and actually has differing themes. It’s a short game but its a nice 20ish minute VR trip for $2.

The game, at first glance, showed space and my stomach churned thinking of Far Space VR. Fortunately, Downward Spiral : Prologue, was not any random movements that you weren’t controlling(the largest problem with Far Space VR). Basically, in Downward Spiral : Prologue, you are acting as an astronaut trying to save a station(I think?). You move through a space station, unlocking latches and fighting little drones that have apparently turned evil. The movement in this game is much different than any other as it attempts to simulate a zero-gravity type environment – meaning you grab things and push yourself forward. The most shocking aspect of this movement type is I didn’t get sick. I had some control over myself and the FPS was fluid enough that I handled the situation fine.

Links : Review | Full Let’s Play

Latest Site Updates – HTC Vive Reviews, News, VR Lets Play Videos

Happy Holidays to Everyone

Happy Holidays from HTC Vive Game Reviews.

I’ll be ending the season with a simple Christmas themed wave shooter called Nick. You can watch the play through here or read the review.

Additionally, Part 8 of the Dead Effect 2 VR playthrough has been added. Check out the collectionn here.

Lastly, I have played and reviewed a game called VR Slugger. Like the name implies, it is a baseball slugger game in VR. Read the review here or the video here.

VRobot, Early Access Video Added

VRobot has received a Lets Play video. It’s only 10 minutes and its an early access game so I am not planning on reviewing it right now.

Nature Treks VR Reviewed+3 Lets Play Videos

Nature Treks VR has been added and reviewed.

The game has a surprising amount of content and 3 Lets Plays were done to cover it fully.

Pt 1 Pt 2 Pt 3

More Lets Play Chapters of Dead Effect 2 VR Added

Dead Effect 2 VR gets 2 more installments including Pt 6 and Pt 7.

I also play and review a game called Front Defense.

Lets Goto the Circus

Felt Tip Circus has been added to the site with a Let’s Play and a Review.

Additionally, a fifth part of Dead Effect 2 VR has been added! This game is quite long. Watch here.

Doom VFR, Hitting a Brick Wall, etc.

Doom VFR has been played. The Let’s Play can be found here.

As it is, I can’t really recommend Doom VFR as it lacks Free Locomotion. It is embarrassing to find the first “top tier” FPS launch title to have a worst movement system than many escape room games. I am not going to bother reviewing it one way or another until this is patched in. It looked great otherwise and played well but for the moment, I have it refunded and I’m on a temporary halt of proceeding further.

Another game that got played and completed was Exorcist : Legion VR. You can find the Let’s Play here.

Dead Effect 2 VR Progress Continues, Evolution VR

Part 4 of Dead Effect 2 VR Let’s Play has been added. I am greatly appreciating this game now that I have resolved the issue with the locomotion as mentioned in the last video. In this video, I discover the joy of bio grenades.

Lets eat some fish and grow bigger! Evolution VR gets a review and a Lets Play.

Dead Effect 2 VR – Euclidean Added

I have now begun my adventure in Dead Effect 2 VR. Each part will include 2 missions/chapters if possible. Initially there was growing pains, particularly getting used to the movement which will now be resolved past these versions.

Part 1 | Missions 1-2 | Part 2 | Missions 3-4

I also played Euclidean until my neck got sick of looking down with a VR headset on. It was an interesting trip for a budget game.

Review | Let’s Play

Cosmic Trip, Serious Sam VR : The First Encounter Completed

Some definitive updates to catch up on.

I played Cosmic Trip – Review here and Lets Play here.

I completed and reviewed Serious Sam VR : The First Encounter here. Final lets play is here.

Lastly, I have begun my play throughs of Dead Effect 2 VR. A sci-fi horror style shooter. My first video is here.

3 Hour Long Arizona Sunshine Lets Play

No need to watch the separate smaller videos any longer! Watch the COMPLETED AND FULL playthrough of Arizona Sunshine here.

This play through was completed on NORMAL difficulty using the HTC Vive.

A little fire and a little Serious Sam

Descending from madness to fire..or is it the other way around.

Apex has been added to the site including a Lets Play. I have neglected to review this as its more of a “music video” rather than a game.

I have also completed two more levels in Serious Sam VR : The First EncounterKarnak Pt 7 and Luxor Pt 8. Looking ahead, I only have a single level left for Serious Sam VR : The First Encounter to play. It is possibly my favorite VR game to date as far as how it “feels” to play the game.

Heading to Ancient China in Mystery Stone from Heaven

A fairly strange game with some random music choices(not bad but just strange) and good graphics for the creatures – I have added a review and Lets Play for Mystery Stone from Heaven.

Wrath of Loki : VR Adventure Added

Wrath of Loki : VR Adventure added to the HTC Vive Game, featuring a Review and Lets Play

The game was largely a “find something” in VR… something not to brag to your friends about owning on VR but I put myself through it and completed the game in about 12 minutes. Enjoy.

Water Planet Review and Lets Play Added

Here they are – Let’s Play Video and Review.

Batman Arkham VR and another budget title added

2 new titles have been reviewed and Lets Played :

Batman Arkham VR

Lets Play and Review

Henry The Hamster Handler

Lets Play and Review

Mega Budget VR Games – Reviewed and Lets Played

Added 3 more Reviews and Let’s Plays for budget priced VR HTC Vive titles (all of these were purchased for $2 or less during sales or normal circumstances.)

Far Space VR was a strange game. It had a lot of different “sections” and was a true test for motion sickness. Watch the Lets Play here and read the review here.

Bullet VR was visually impressive but a huge let down with the buggy reload and very boring game modes. Review here and Lets Play here.

Perhaps the best of the 3 was a random asian stylized RPG. I had no expectations for this game but it was the best of the three visually and audio wise and felt like a “big studio” game. 99 cents. Review here and Lets Play here.

Obduction VR, Serious Sam VR : The First Encounter and The Gallery Episode 1

Lots of content added for Obduction, Serious Sam VR : The First Encounter and The Gallery : Call of Starseed Episode 1.

I had some problems with Obduction, particularly the locomotion settings being reset whenever I accessed the Steam menu. Between that and not knowing what to do, I ran out of gas quick but I wanted to share at least the initial visuals and audio of the game. I can see potential in it but I don’t have the patience to have to set my movement over and over.

I have played through the entirety of The Gallery – Episode 1: Call of the Starseed and also reviewed the game. It was one of the first games I’ve played for the HTC Vive so I was happy to revisit it. I breeze through it in under an hour of game play(most of which was still trying to remember a couple spots.)

Perhaps one of the most difficult parts yet of Serious Sam : The First Encounter, I take on the Sewers and Metropolis of Memphis. Although the Sewers turned into a bit of a slugfest, the Metropolis finale made me lose my mind. I actually had to start using manual saves to take on some fo the brutal checkpoints(without save.) The actual “charge” of the melee monsters was insane to get through – even with the chain gun and double shotgun. It is quite possibly one of the most enjoyable FPS levels I’ve played in my life.

Dreadhalls Review and Lets Play Added

Feeling brave? Try Dreadhalls. Lets Play and Review added.

Overkill Review and Let’s Play Added

Overkill VR gets added to complete with a Lets Play and Review.