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A Legend of Luca Recent News

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  • Luca Update – Now with 50% More Bullets and 100% More Ceilings!

    by Bryan – Legend of Luca on March 6, 2017 at 10:40 pm

    To increase the realism and immersion of the game the height of the rooms has been doubled and a ceiling put on top of each dungeon room. This improves the feel of the game tremendously by maintaining the illusion of the Virtual Reality™.They were originally no ceilings in the game because with room scale mode the world would need to scale down and with a small play area the players head would often be well above the ceiling.Now the ceiling optionally will turn off for room scale mode or in certain rooms where enemies do a high jump.Additionally, we’ve made a variety of improvements and increased the base weapon firing rates by 50% to make the combat even more satisfying.Full Release Notes & Change LogWorked on polishing ceilinged room.Ceilinged room cosmetics finished.Enabled depth texture rendering to enable soft particles.Fixed z-fighting arch on west wall.Started looking at native Oculus builds for Luca.Updated SteamVR.Loosened restrictions on sliding Locomotion.Fixed alternate GUI position now that rooms have ceilings.Removed ceiling on treasure room so elevator doesn’t squish player. Increased all firing rates by 50%.Removed bow weapon.Cut “Dragon Medium Four Way” enemy type.Set Dragon four way replacement to normal 3 dragon, not ballistic spray dragon.Lowered number of fatty’s and murderers on Level 1.Fixed a few bosses that were not removing ceiling. […]

  • Legend of Luca Release – Oculus Rift w/ Touch Support!

    by Bryan – Legend of Luca on December 5, 2016 at 11:42 pm

    We’ve added support for Touch thru OpenVR. So the game is new fully playable with the Oculus Touch. We are impressed with the tracking volume of the Oculus Touch system. Even with two tracking cameras on one side of a room there are very little occluded tracking spots.Be sure to calibrate a play area in SteamVR before playing or the floor and world scale will be incorrect.Unfortunately, OpenVR hasn’t shipped with models of the Touch controls yet. So the game will still show Vive controller models until it’s updated. Please use the picture above to understand how the controls are mapped in the game until updated controller models get shipped by Valve.In addition we’ve fixed a variety of bugs and made some game difficulty tweaks. The final boss is now a little easier and the heart drop frequency has increased. […]

  • Legend of Luca Release Notes – Sliding Locomotion! – 8 Player Classes Added

    by Bryan – Legend of Luca on September 30, 2016 at 11:22 pm

    Due to popular demand I’ve added sliding locomotion as an alternative to teleporting. You can now press up on the LEFT touchpad to slide around at a fabulous 8 meters per second! Teleporting is still available on the RIGHT touchpad for those that are still prone to motion sickness.If you appreciate us adding this heavily requested feature please leave a great review on steam for Luca! It’s super important and will enable even more additions to the game.Also, we added 8 new character classes that can be unlocked and introduce a variety of new fun play styles to the game.New Legend of Luca Character Classes!Paladin – Traditional Stats and AbilitiesShaman – Healer that has tons of health but hits less hard. It’s the easiest character to complete the game with.Grenadier – Want to blow crap up? This is for you! All of your bullets are replaced with delightful bombs that explode on contact with your enemies, that thou mayest blow thine enemies to tiny bits, in thy mercy!Dragon Trainer – Starts with Rhaegos and the fabulous Dragon Shield. But zero heart containers!Death Knight – Starts with Dual Wielding and high DPS. Good times ensue.Mercenary – A greedy class that has damage increased the more coins you collect.Harbinger of Death – Because the Grenadier didn’t have enough bombs.We also added 10 new achievements that you can checkout over at http://steamcommunity.com/stats/433600/achievementsMost achievements unlock new items. We also added about a dozen new upgrades for you to discover! […]

  • Release Notes – All Bosses Redesigned – Levels 4 & 5 Overhauled – Game Difficulty Rebalanced – Improved Graphics – New Music Added – And Much More!

    by Bryan – Legend of Luca on September 16, 2016 at 9:08 pm

    Changed Bomb physics to offer better controlUpdated tileset for future enemiesDragon Bouncy SplitterAdded Increased Health of Orcus, Punisher of Broken OathsSkeleton Swordsman SFX on hit when invulnerable plays a metal clang sound to communicate invulnerabilitySkeleton Swordsman improvements to charge animation.Skeleton Swordsman charge speed reduced by 50%Audio added to charge and sword swing of skeleton swordsmanChanged drop and pickup sound of BombBouncy dragon laugh animation now loopsSkeleton Swordsman now steps back a couple steps and makes a noise before chargingNew Skeleton Swordsman enemy that moves to be the range of it’s charge away from playerStarted on Silenus, Lord of Drunkenness alterationsSilenus, Lord of Drunkenness Green projectile improvementsChanged two of four summoning skeleton mages into shooting mages in a room on level 2 that was too hard Lord of Drunkenness health balanced with addition of Green version of Lord of DrunkennessLord of Drunkenness jumps less frequently and does not shootLord of Drunkenness always spawns with Green Lord of DrunkennessAdded Spiked Ball Projectile used by Mors, Personification of DeathMors, Personification of Death boss completely revamped now has Jump and slam charge attack, swing and slam melee attack, spin and throw spiked ball attackChanged start weapon from Comitas to Justicia.Changed ballistic Projectile enemy attacks.Added additional enemy voices to enhance the audio design of the bad guys.Tileset updated for new enemiesNew Zombie King Boss, encounterable on Level 1New Demon Grunt arching spray attackNew Shotgun like arching attack for Greater Summoning Skeleton MageNew arching more predictable trajectory rather than random attack for Dragon Spread New Enemy Zombie Murderer Lobber. Throws a series of 9 knives arching towards the area of the players locationPot breaking sounds amplifiedNew more ceramic sounding pot breaking soundIncreased Zombie Jumper size by 25% to make them easier to see and shootNew verbal taunts to Zombie JumperZombie Jumper will laugh occasionally even without vision of the player, should make it so you aren’t surprised as easily going around cornersMors, Personification of Death sound design improvedAdded Enemy Movement Type BounceDiagonal for bouncy “Pong” like flying dragon movement.Added SpawnFourPrefabsAndSetUniqueDirectionsOnThemMove.cs for split flying dragon.Doubled size of coin pickup.Adjusted projectile physics. Turned off interprolation. Adjusted to make it less likely that they will penetrate colliders.Fixed haptic pulses not stopping when game gets paused in the middle of a pulse. Added Haptic Pulse for axe throw and catch.Added Haptic Pulse for lightning sword charge and fire. Fixed Scroll of Explosion bombs falling thru floor.Redid Zombie Murderer RecolorsAdded additional zombie murderer skin colors. Brown and Purple.Added clear target volume requirement for teleporting.Changed plinth and elevator to Depris layer so that you can port onto them.Added Timed SpikesDragon Companion shoots parallel to floor now, making it much more useful. Fixed boss health gage when multiple bosses exist.4 Timed Spike Varieties Added Spikes to Mors, Personification of Death boss roomsClay pot breaking sound now on both potsBalanced 4 rooms in level 2 that were ending runs at exceedingly above average ratesAdded 4 new rooms to level 2 with new Splitting Bouncy DragonAdded spikes and bones to level 3 start room4 new rooms including new bouncy dragon on level 1Modified 2 maze rooms on level 1Added 6 new rooms to Level 3 Level 4 Redesign – 30 new rooms! Including 4 newly created enemies and redesigned skeleton swordsman.Level tweaks from play testingAdded sound for spikesRoom balance modifications after play testingIncreased Skeleton Swordsman healthNew Demon Bomb Blaster enemyRedesigned level 5 with 31 new room designsDemon Bomb redesigned with improved combat AI, sound effects, and animationsDecorative candles for level 5 moved to debris layer so they no longer block movement New projectile attack added to Orcus, Punisher of Broken OathsVulcan, God of Fire now Taunts the player Vulcan sounds improved Vulcan fire projectile visual increases in size after being firedImproved Lord of Drunkenness sounds. Slightly modified effects of gold drop upgrades.Handle edge case of ballistic Projectile trajectory calculation.Increased anti-aliasing.Turned on soft shadows.Changed bow to have higher arrow speed as a bonus instead of seeking arrows, which were overpowered.Increased boss healths for longer battles.Changed Lightning upgrade to be rechargeable.Lowered strength of White Lotus upgrade.Lowered strength of Bloodthirsty upgrade.Made levels bigger.Added additional dead end rooms.Changed Bow attack to not have seeking.Instead the arrows will move 3x as fast as the bows special ability.Make sword melee damage not explode the red walls. Red block mazes become nearly impossible to do as is.Many pots added to Level 2 rooms that were missing pots, should help with survivability on floor 2.Decreased amount of pots in some empty rooms with excessive pots New hidden room variationChanged sword projectiles. Instead of embedding in walls they bounce off and land on floor. Also changed the hitbox size and shape for them.Fixed Demon grunt can bug out and not run death animation when he dies from an explosion.Fixed Demon Bomb is playing and looping sound on awake, should stop playing sound on deathIncreased Scroll, Heart, Shield, and Bomb drop rates while lowering Coin, and Key drop rates.Dice added to loot tableScaled Dice cost with floor and number of rolls.Changed pricing of all items in shops to scale with level.Fixed Orthogonal move toward player enemies should try to move around pillar or wall instead of running straight into it indefinitelyEnsure treasure room doors are locked after level 1.Added new music.Added hidden rooms.Lowered upgrade price a bit.Fixed Level 2 room with 2 upgrade chests behind walls in center of room. It was OP.Changed upgrade message time length to 4 seconds from 6.Added more hidden rooms.Added more hidden room variations.Added shields to shop items.Removed potion from shop items.Fixed explosion sound volumes.Hide spiked ball visual on collision.Check parent active on bombs so that everything doesn’t explode when a room is destroyed (on level change)Cut the Nineteen Eighty Four “wireframe view” upgrade item, because it sucked. […]

  • Major Update! 20 New Enemies – 75+ New Room Designs – New Special Weapon Attacks – Unlimited Ammo!

    by Bryan – Legend of Luca on August 25, 2016 at 8:51 pm

    Some major changes to the weapons of A Legend of Luca have arrived in the latest release!The ammo system was removed because it was difficult to understand and rarely led to satisfying game play. It was more annoying that anything, so the ammo system has been completely cut from the game. All player weapons will now always have unlimited ammo and their special abilities available. So now all players are even more powerful and the difficulty of the game has been increased to maintain the challenge of the game.All of the melee weapons now have a ranged attack that’s always available. Clemetia, the Axe of Mercy’s special throw ability is now always available and won’t run out.Veritas, the Greatsword of Truth has a charged lightning attack similar to brimstone from Binding of Isaac. Virtus, the Sword of Valor, has a piercing special ability where the thrown swords will go through enemies.Firmitas, the Glaive of Tenacity’s special ability of destroying touched blocks is now always on and has a constant particle effect to help remind you and because it looks awesome.Level and enemy designs for levels 1 through 3 have been added to and overhauled. Levels 4 and 5 rooms will be redesigned in the next few weeks.We added many new enemy variations and recolors of the enemies to have many more variations of attacks and movements to make the core combat more satisfying. As part of the design we’ve been trying to add more swarms of slower moving enemies to the rooms. As part of our play testing we wanted to make sure that all rooms can be beaten without taking damage to ensure that the game is fair to the players.As part of the room design overhaul we’ve added room shape flagging to the level generator, so now (although the rooms will currently always be the same size) we can design custom rooms knowing that the player will enter from one side or that certain walls will not have doors. This enabled many new types of fun and unique room experiences!Also added more rigid bodies to objects like candelabras, chairs, barrels and jars. This will make them movable and active physics objects, which is really cool and adds to the immersion and presence of the game.In addition we’ve made many changes and tweaks to continue to polish and refine the game. Thank you all for your support and please continue to send great feedback.Complete Change LogZombie Fatties now differentiated by colorSlowed down roll speed of all Fatties except Side Shooting FattyCreated new Fatty that spawns two smaller Fatties on deathNew smaller Fatty moves and rolls slower than rest of fattiesZombie Fatty roll attack is no longer seeking, this better matches expected behavior and will no longer roll into you after a side dodgeZombie Fatty sound effects for rolling attack now better match the roll duration and includes a jump sound at the end of the rollAdded color variations to Skeleton ArcherAdded some decoration to second floor start roomAdded Archer Spawning from PotSkeleton Mages are differentiated by colorAdded Skeleton Mage Spawn Commoner which after a short tell begins summoning Red Zombie CommonersAdded Skeleton Mage Spawn Medium which after a medium length tell summons a skeleton swordsmanAdded Skeleton Mage Spawn Greater which after a long tell spawns a boss with reduced healthFixed Fire Projectile to not dissipate before it would hit the wall since it had been slowed down previouslyDisabled stop movement stun on Red Zombie Commoner, will now always run towards the playerReduced Red Zombie Commoner Speed by 17%Implemented door blocking, so that rooms can be designed to depend on certain walls to not have doors.Increased room linking (some rooms wouldn’t be as connected as they should have been. Missing doors)Implemented random and specific room design flippingRedesigned rooms on level 2Added more rigid bodies to objects like candelabras, chairs, barrels and jars. This will make them movable and active physics objects.Fixed Orcus Skeleton Boss gem projectile visual.Adjusted boss healths.Lowered shield drop rate.Fixed instant room transition mode dropping weapons.Some new Empty Rooms for all floorsRemoved empty rooms exclusive to floor 2, should reduce empty rooms spawning too frequently in floor 2.Increased health of fattiesZombie Commoner intermittent attack working and attack sound is improvedAdded two more tiers of zombie splitter. They never stop!New blue slow arching projectile for Demon GruntColor differentiation for Demon GruntsNew Standing and shooting in falling arch Demon Grunt enemy Removed all ammo systems from game.Removed ammo scrolls.Reworked ammo upgrade items.Added projectiles to swords.Added pierce special projectile to virtus.Made Firmitas special break block ability always on.Changed lightning greatsword to charge and hold.Tweaked scale of projectiles.Changed mass of projectiles to match scale.Removed more boss spawn animation invulnerability.Gave Fat dragon increasing health per levelLevel 3 rooms re-designedLowered health of Zombie Fatty and Zombie Commoner in response to projectile multi hit being fixedAdded earlier audio tell before Skeleton Archer shotAdded Six shots that come out of Green Demon Grunt On DeathRemoved extra empty and hidden rooms in 4th and 5th floorChanged drop rate on barrels to be same as potsChanged upgrade item drop rate on barrels to 0, will increase chest encounter rate to compensate if necessaryFatty spawn and death sounds changedAdded Spawn animation to Demon Grunt Rise UpAdded new prefab for Demon Grunt Rise Up Spray and is configured for level editorAdded AnimationTriggerDelay to enhance tell on skeleton archers.Changed enemy LOS checks to player come from the top of their head instead of their center point, so that they can sometimes shoot over blocks if they are tall enough.Items no longer block you from porting on top of themSkeleton Archer animation timing delayed to give more time for sounds before shot is firedFixed destructible walls bug where debris were not showing and wall would stay visibleSome Level 2 room tweaksLowered Potion drop rateIncreased Scroll drop rateAdded unique voice flagging so that the Goddess Diana never talks over herself.Removed decorative spawns of items that block enemy movementFixed Diana multi voice on level loads.Imp now makes a grunt for a second before chargingFix room flipping messing up spawn positions of elevator and other plinths.Changed stun particles.All weapons of virtue now have unique spawn particles.Switched stun particle to blind particle effect.Added SpawnOnStart to enemy move system for summon ritual visual.Demon Imp Jumps and screams before attackingImp jump sound cuteness improvedDragon small does a backflip and sound before shooting at youReimplemented StunAdded Visual effect to Skeleton Mage when summoningTweaked greatsword spawn/pickup particles. […]