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Aeon Recent News

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  • Oculus Supported!

    by Aeon on February 8, 2018 at 5:47 pm

    We added full Oculus support, Wish Oculus players can have fun with our game!A few improves too:1, Fixed a bug where extra level 1 can not be finished.2, Fixed a bug of BGM switch in extra level 1.3, Fixed some achivements. […]

  • v1.12 Improved game play

    by Aeon on December 20, 2017 at 2:36 pm

    We did a lot improvement on game play and fixed some bugs. Here is the details:1. We got a lot feedbacks says the game is too hard. So we moved the original hardcore game play to “Expert” Mode, and made some changes to normal and easy mode : – Easy Mode: Enemy’s bullet will miss some time, health value incressed. – Normal Mode: Enemies outside your view will not be able to hit you within a few seconds, to give you chance to notice them and respond. – For All Mode: Added a enemy sensor to help you allocate enemy. This is off by default, you have to go to optional panel if you want to turn it on.2, Fixed the VR hand position bug, now it matchs your real hand position correctly.3, Fixed a bug : In level 1, Some robot will fall into some weird place where you can not kill them.4, Improved spawn point of all enemies, for better game experience.5, Removed the punishment of bullet time when you using locomotion. 6, Expanded the trigger area for switch gun.7, Added fast turn key, Now you can use your right hand touch pad to quickly turn 45 degress to left/right.8, Improved the gun fire effect, now it doesn’t block your view any more. […]

  • V1.11 Added slow motion toggle option and left handed option.

    by Aeon on July 25, 2017 at 6:01 pm

    By some player’s request, We added 2 options :1 , Toggle option for slow motion, Now you can choose to toggle slow motion by single press your grip button instead of hold it.2, Left handed option is for left handed people, so they can use right controller’s touch pad to move.3, Fixed some small bugs. […]

  • v1.02 – Big improvement of performance and physique system.

    by Aeon on June 1, 2017 at 4:01 pm

    We made a big improvement on performance and physique system in this new version, Now the game runs much more smooth, and physique calculation works more accurately. And we also included a lot more fixes and improvments player asked in the hub, Let me list them here: Fixed crashes, lag. We put a mirror in the title scene, Now you can look at your VR body, and use your touch pad to adjust the body proportions! Fixed IK problems of your VR body. Improved bullet time, When you fire, time will speed up more, and when you stay still time will be more slow. Improved sword slash detection, fixed the bug of some times you can not successfuly cut enemy and rocket. We also improved the physique movement of the enemy pieces. Improved visual experience of training scene. Fixed audio cut off bug. Improved damage impact, looks more real now. Fixed reflection of title scene. Improved lighting quality and graphic quality of level 2. Fixed some AI bug. Improved the end part of the level 1, now it’s no longer lag. Now you can either press touch pad “up” or trigger button to jump to next battle point. Fixed dead body shaking. Decressed rocket explosion range. Fixed some music switch bug.Again, Really thank you for yours feedbacks in the hub, helped us make this game better and better. Now we’re working on 2 new levels, and the leader board system , I will post progress in hub to share and discuss with you! Will be delivery by mid-June! […]

  • v1.01 released!

    by Aeon on May 24, 2017 at 4:24 pm

    1, Added a expert mode for select and its achivement, This is for those who want more challenge. 2, Added Training Mode Skip option, and voice hints for all steps. Improved training mode process.3, Performance improved (especially for CPU)4, Fixed character body doesn’t match perfectly of your height.5, Chinese text support (加入中文文字和语音)6, When you running out of ammo, the gun will not drop, insteaded , play a cool animation to show you it’s empty, and also added a indicator of how many bullets you left.7, Added voice hint for portal and how to use swords.8, Added a setting menu in the title scene, it will have the following settings:- Language- Performance setting.- Difficulty: Beginner: Unlimited respawn. Standard: 5 respawn limit, after all costed. Expert: 1 respawn limit.- Turn ON/OFF music9, Now you will be able to drag portal closer.10, Made Rocket boss much easier. […]