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Recent Arizona Sunshine News

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  • Long Live the ’80s in Arizona Sunshine

    by Vertigo Games on December 12, 2017 at 5:17 pm

    Hyper Blaster support now liveIn a throwback to the 8-bit shooter era, Arizona Sunshine from today supports the newly released retro-style Hyper Blaster[]! Arm yourself with the Hyper Blaster or dual-wield your way through our zombie romp handling two Hyper Blasters to enjoy lifelike haptic feedback that simulates recoil. You will be able to play Arizona Sunshine with the Hyper Blaster by following these steps:Select Arizona Sunshine from your library, right click and select properties.Go to the “BETAS” tab by clicking on it.Select “hyperblaster” from the dropdown menu. Wait for the game version to download to your computer.Run Arizona Sunshine.Once in the caravan, open the Settings menu by inserting the cassette, then switch to the Input page. Here you can assign the Vive tracker attached to your Hyper Blaster to one of your hands.If you want to return to the default version of the game, you can do so by following these steps:Select Arizona Sunshine from your library, right click and select properties.Go to the “BETAS” tab by clicking on it.Select “NONE – Opt out of all beta programs” from the dropdown menu.Wait for the default game version to download to your computer.Run Arizona Sunshine. More info on the Hyper Blaster and where to order it here[]. […]

  • Patch 1.4.9225 is here

    by Vertigo Games on June 27, 2017 at 8:26 pm

    Hey everyone, we are happy to announce that patch 1.4.9225 is now live on Steam.It includes the following:Loading time fixesMultiplayer matchmaking fixesMultiplayer stability fixesAchievement fixesAs you may have read on the Steam forums, for a number of common game crashes we are unfortunately dependent on 3rd party fixes. As we did not want to make you wait any longer for the fixes mentioned above, we will follow up with dedicated patch that addresses game crashes as soon as we hear from our partners.Additionally, the current patch includes support for a range of in-game languages, including:GermanFrenchItalianSpanishRussianJapaneseKoreanChineseThank you for your patience and support! […]

  • Patch incoming: Loading times, multiplayer stability, more

    by Vertigo Games on May 12, 2017 at 10:29 am

    Hey all,A short post from our side to let you know that we are hearing your feedback and working on a patch that addresses the following:Recent loading time issuesMultiplayer stabilityGame crashesAchievement issuesAdditionally, it will include a range of extra languages, including:GermanFrenchItalianSpanishRussianJapaneseKoreanThanks for your patience & support! […]

  • #FreeKeyFriday – Win Arizona Sunshine prizes by playing Raw Data!

    by Vertigo Games on May 5, 2017 at 8:16 pm

    Hey everyone! This month, Arizona Sunshine is featured in #FreeKeyFriday together with Raw Data which means that we will be playing Survios’ sci-fi action VR game featuring the zombies of the future – ROBOTS!This is your chance to prove you can survive futuristic AI as well as you can brain-hungry undead! Luckily, you’ll have all the fancy nanotechnology you’ll need at hand.Can you beat our robot-scorching score?How to enterPlay Raw Data’s Dark Source mission on Hard difficulty.Beat Vertigo Games’ score of 28,825 and take a screenshot of your score.Tweet your screenshot to both @Vertigo_Games and @Survios, and tag it #FreeKeyFriday.The contest deadline is Monday, May 8th at 11:59PM (PT).The prizes up for grabsArizona Sunshine game key Arizona Sunshine t-shirtArizona Sunshine Google CardboardArizona Sunshine USB stickRaw Data t-shirtRaw Data USB stickWe’ll randomly choose and announce the winners on Twitter on Tuesday, May 9th. Good luck and special thanks to Survios! […]

  • Free Content Update Out Now: Undead Valley

    by Vertigo Games on April 20, 2017 at 4:27 pm

    The Freds have jumped the border in an all-new map!We are delighted to introduce a brand-new Horde mode map to Arizona Sunshine! Undead Valley takes you to a zombie-infested old transport warehouse-turned-underground casino in close proximity to Sin City, Nevada.And you haven’t even heard the best part: Undead Valley is available entirely free of charge right now.Originally debuted at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas last January, Undead Valley will have a few surprises in store for even the most hardened zombie apocalypse-veterans among you. Read on below for some survival tips (don’t worry, it won’t count as cheating)…Undead Valley adds an all-new Horde mode map in a location that you haven’t seen before.The key to survival above all else is to keep moving and take advantage of the map’s indoor and outdoor areas as well as the verticality it adds to Horde mode.Expand your playground by retrieving keys to locked doors and blowing up obstacles in your way to access new resources and tactical positions.The waves of Freds that you’ve come to expect in Horde mode have made way for a continuous onslaught of zombies: prepare for the ultimate challenge to test your VR survival skills!What do you think? Share your experience with us here, on Reddit or on Facebook and Twitter. […]