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  • Experience Blue Effect on Windows Mixed Reality Headsets

    by DIVR Labs on November 21, 2017 at 9:55 pm

    We’re excited to announce that VR fans everywhere can try their endurance and bravery on new Windows Mixed Reality headsets from HP, Dell, Samsung, Lenovo and Acer. Click here [support.microsoft.com] to learn how to get started. Have fun gaming! […]

  • Celebrate Halloween in style

    by DIVR Labs on October 12, 2017 at 7:20 pm

    What better way to celebrate a creepy tradition than to play one of the scariest VR games on Steam? The new jack o’lantern orb gives mercenaries the traditional but effective means to light up areas in the abyss. […]


    by DIVR Labs on February 9, 2017 at 6:15 am

    Blue Effect VR is shooting its way out of early access to scare the pants off you on 9th February 2017.Blue Effect is an atmospheric sci-fi wave shooter built and designed specifically for VR. Combining eerie atmosphere of the extraterrestrial world occupied with biomechanical horrors, Blue Effect will thrill you with excitement, test your endurance and try your bravery!KEY NEW FEATURESRailroad level – Experience a fast paced action on top of a moving train, while the aliens are hunting you down. No tickets needed, but prepare your trusty guns!Raptor inbound – There is an angry alien lizard trying to catch the train. Do not let him by blasting him back to the ground!Hide & Seek in the Lab – It is time to face off against your buddy in our local PvP mode. Only this time you will have your trusty Orb to lighten the dark corners and spot the alien before it gets you!Summon a friendly Drone – According to your feedback, we have decided to add this option. Attacking player can from now on summon a friendly drone!“Early Access lit the path to VR for us and help us understand what the community expects,” says Daniel Jerman, marketing manager at DiVR Labs. “We are aiming to use this experience to keep delivering top of the line products in years to come and we have our community to thank for that.”Feel the Fear! […]

  • Raptor is coming into Blue Effect

    by DIVR Labs on January 13, 2017 at 9:20 am

    Very Soon we will see Raptor in our Game. It means not only new enemy for Blue Effect lovers but also a brand new environment called RailRoad. Today We are testing last things, and we do believe that we will be able to deploy it next week. This environment will have a specialty because you are going to be in the movement. Taste of raptors and the new environment is here :)Feel The Fear! […]

  • Hide & Seek Christmas Update

    by DIVR Labs on December 22, 2016 at 5:37 pm

    Week 51 Lumos UpdateHello fellow diVRs! The Holiday Season is here, a time for many of you to take it slow and relax. Good for you! But we at DIVR Labs are not stopping! We are proud to announce a brand new game mode as part of the Hide & Seek Christmas Update. The eponymous PvP multiplayer mode is a thrilling experience which pits two players against each other in a local battle of wits and nerves.Ready Player OnePut on the VR headset and stand your ground against waves of enemies and try to survive until the timer runs out. It might be only three minutes, but you will be sweating bullets by the end. The original experience of Blue Effect just got better with the introduction of a second player!Ready Player TwoGrab a hold of a game controller of your choice and let the hunt begin! Your goal? Seek, scare and exterminate your friend in VR by taking control of one of the horrific monsters lurking in the darkened corners of the Blue Effect world. If you cannot take the pressure of the VR experience, you might give this one a try!Hide & Seek game mode will no doubt determine who will end up on which part of the Santa’s Naughty or Nice List, but there is more to our Christmas Update. Hear us out!The devs have been hard at work on fleshing out the dark future world of Blue Effect and we are proud to bring forth a new map called The Lab. Here you will be defending light pillars against waves of enemies, while having the luxury of using 2 weapons at the same time. Don’t let the pillars get destroyed, because once that happens, not even your extended arsenal will keep you safe…The Lab as well as the older Warehouse level will grant you extra force by introducing various power ups, which will buff your ability to fend off the alien hordes. Unless you stumble on the wrong one, which will do the opposite… The naughty or nice concept yet again!And to wrap this Christmas Update up, we are happy to lighten the mood by allowing you to wield a head of a snowman instead of the good old Orb. Don’t forget to turn this option on in the main menu!Oh, did we mention Blue Effect is now 50% off during the Holiday Season on Steam? There is no better time to hop into the game than right now!Thank you all for being the pioneers of VR gaming with us and for enjoying Blue Effect. There is more in store for you, our community of diVRs, in the upcoming year. Until then…Have a great Christmas and happy New Year!Your DIVR Labs. […]