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  • Dead Effect 2 VR is fully released NOW!

    by Shissa on October 3, 2017 at 7:58 pm

    D-Day has come, We are unbelievably excited to announce that Dead Effect 2 VR is out of Early Access and fully available NOW on Steam!After lots of weeks spent frantically digging up lingering bugs and squashing them sometimes unnecessarily hard and trying to code your requests and suggestion inside the game, we are ready to present our action-packed VR FPS game, now with a lot more immersive content and features. If you’re a long-time patron of Dead Effect 2 VR since the game was released in Early Access in June 2017, we can’t thank you enough for helping us reach this crucial moment. It´s been a long four months of community-driven development, and it truly wouldn´t be the game it is today without all your support, suggestions and ideas through Early Access. Also, we can’t wait to see what everyone thinks about Dead Effect 2 VR in full package. It includes a number of new exciting fixes and changes that make the game even more fun. Heavy weapons, fist fighting, bashing the enemies with weapons, tons of small improvements you’ve asked for…If you’re new to the team, we’re thrilled to have you! Join the community and be notified of all the latest Dead Effect 2 VR news here.A full log of changes:ADDEDHeavy weapons training and unique weapon.New Weapons:- Onyx disc launcher- Equinox tactical crossbow- Helion and Trinity heavy fusion weapons- Vindicator miniguns- Rebellion shotguns* Weapon bashing – you can bash enemies with your firearms; the damage is minimal, but you can throw them away and a good crack in the head may stun them.* Holding grip with empty hands and without any other possible interaction will switch to fists.* Punching – you can punch enemies with your fists (or with clips). Again, minimal damage, but a small chance to knock enemies down.* A few small improvements in the weapon shop menu (longer lists, showing weapon training skills for weapons)* Options for free rotation sensitivity* Option for FOV reduction during teleport (FOV will be reduced by the value set by the player during the teleport).* Option for FOV reduction during free movement (FOV will be reduced by the value set by the player and speed during free movement).* Option for allowing spatial distortion effects in video settings* Option for ammo bag reload on dual wield – with this setting you can reload your weapons from holsters if you’re holding two weapons. A single weapon has to be reloaded manually.* Option for disabling most of the on-hand hintsCHANGED:- Rescaled sights for the Fury machine gun- Updated SteamVR plugin – Mixed Reality should be now possible.- Updated models for the Rebellion and Venom shotguns- Weapons no longer reset on respawn.- Paralyzer shooting – holding fire will show an aiming electric bolt, releasing – will trigger the attack.- Minor rebalancing of the weapons.- Mines dropped by the Supersoldier can be now shot.- The Venom shotgun pumping is now faster.- Minor difficulty balance for the nightmare and hell difficulties. Remember – -you have to aim at the head!- Using the ammo bag reload now adds a small debuff based on the weapon type (none for melee, maximal for pump shotguns).- Increased revolver animation reload speed- Added a small penetration chance to standard sniper rifle bullets.- Added a small penetration chance to revolver bullets.FIXED:- Bow not being drawn in coop at other players- Bow wrong hand anchor on bowstring- Wrong ability hints for the Oculus Touch- Minigame positions in several levels- Tuned bloom effect on some weapons- Fixed some minor GUI problems (clipping, text overlapping in different anguages)- Fixed visual effects clipping issues (texts, holodots, blood)- Fixed chainsaw damage dealing- Fixed chainsaw 3pv sounds and effects- Fixed possible blocker in the mission Saved in a Freezer where the player died on the elevator just before the end.- Fixed force field collisions in the “Get Connected” mission- Fixed a few minor collision problems in some levels- Fixed movement and teleport being possible while in the shops in the base- Fixed movement/teleport bug on mounted machine gun- Fixed possible holster error on mounted machine gun- Fixed several pathfinding problems in some levels- Fixed ability targeting with a weapon in hand- Fixed ability hint showing- Fixed revolver animation- Reload sounds on Fury and Raptor- Fixed short hands skin- Fixed Synergy rifle animation- Fixed Hurricane rifle model- Fixed sights on some Hyperion variants- Fixed manual ammo picking problems when picking more items quickly- FIxed manual ammo picking delay on drop- Fixed paralyzer aiming- Fixed ammo spawning problems for some weapons- Fixed light effects on shooting- Fixed physics for torn body parts- Fixed wrong distant touch picking- Fixed finished side tasks showing in the map GUI- Fixed ultimate sniper rifle reloadingWe believe you will enjoy killing the zombies and following the deep story as much as we do. And do not forget – we do take to heart all the things that either delight you or we can do better. Your feedback and comments will be much appreciated as always. We will continue keeping Dead Effect 2 VR updated and even more polished.Enjoy playing and stay tuned!Your BFI Team […]


    by Shissa on September 21, 2017 at 11:59 am

    We are proud to announce that Dead Effect 2 VR has been shortlisted for the 35th Golden Joystick Awards 2017. The game is one of the nominees in the Best VR Game category and thanks to YOUR VOTE it has a chance to win.YOU decide who wins the awards – vote NOW at – at the end of the list with categories you have to SUBMIT your vote. Otherwise, your vote DOES NOT COUNT!Thank you!You can vote until November 3 and the winners will be revealed on November 17.The Golden Joystick Awards honor the people and products that have transformed the games industry in 2017. The event features over 25 categories, the majority of which are voted for by the global gaming public. The event was first held in 1983 and since then it has grown to become the world’s largest public voted gaming awards brand. For more information visit: https://www.goldenjoysticks.com […]


    by Shissa on September 14, 2017 at 5:28 pm

    We apologize, but one small annoying bug crept into the latest version that could cause problems in progressing in the first mission. It’s patched now.And as a small bonus, you can now customize holsters for the weapons.ADDED: – Holster customization – you can now move and resize the active zones for your weapons and equipment in the main menu, in VR advanced settingsFIXED: – Script problems in the first mission that might have blocked the progress to the end – Plasma weapons continuing to fire after holstering – Fixed shotgun pumping jam – Fixed dual wielding weapon of the same type in multiplayerEnjoy the gameDev team […]


    by Shissa on September 6, 2017 at 5:59 pm

    Dear community,We are pleased that the latest update in BETA has been performing very well so far. Thank you for all your feedback, bug reports, and suggestions. The update has been moved to the standard branch with some additional fixes.Each day we are getting closer to the official full release DE2VR, thanks to your reporting as well.What we have fixed: – Devious Deviant Holo sights – Deviant rifles reload – Boosting pistol damage, fixed holo sight – Venom shotgun sounds – Venom manual reload (ammo position) – Venom ammunition – Fixed wrong on hand hints for Oculus – Fixed wrong visual hint for ammo grabbing – Fixed grip on magazines for Synergy – Improved laser pointer for Oculus – Fixed bloom settings – Fixed bow drawing – Fixed wrong lightning in Base Defense missionAs always, if you have any comments, questions, suggestions or reports, please let us know in the forums. We will continue to work on testing and fixing, so any new comments will be much appreciated!Enjoy the game!BadFly Interactive team […]


    by Shissa on September 1, 2017 at 5:08 pm

    Dear community,The day when we’ll exit the Early Access is drawing closer. Today, we are proud to present you the BETA that contains the full game in all its glory!In the past few days, we’ve been working hard to bring to you the complete content of the game, which means the level cap is now raised to the final 20. You’ll be able to go through the story from the beginning to the end without interruptions – on your own, or with your friends. Further additions include new maps from the story mode, more weapons, gears, and implants. There’s a lot of minor improvements and fixes you wanted as well. See below for the full list of all changes, fixes, and additions. To join the beta – select DE2 VR in Steam, right click to open properties and select Beta tabs. You should see a public beta there.Enjoy the game! We will see you again with the final release in a few weeks! WHAT WE ADDED:• New story missions! The story is complete. (For now, expect a big expansion at the end of the year that will, among other things, contain a new story block.)• NEW WEAPONS! (all of them have several variants) – PIRANHA chainsaw (best held with both hands) – RAPTOR assault rifle – FURY light machine gun – Heavy anti-material rifles HYPERION, SYNERGY, and HURRICANE – EMRE plasma rifle – CHIMERA chemical launcher – ORACLE hi-tek rifle – VENOM heavy shotgun• Level cap now set to 20 – this is the final setting for now. This unlocks access to all armor, implants, and weapons in the game.• Access to the unique weapons is now unlocked. If you finish enough ranks of weapon training and reach level 20, new side-tasks will be available to get the ultimate bow, pistol, rifle, shotgun, and sniper rifle.• Sights customization – you can change the size, color and dot type on most weapons – open VR play menu with the other hand and select weapon settings.• Wrist status display (enabled by default on your off hand – you can change to standard HUD in options).• Telekinetic pickup (can be disabled in options), you can now pick up all items from a short distance using telekinetic pickup – just aim your hand at the ammo or tablet or loot, and push grip. Each use consumes a tiny bit of energy. Should allow for comfortable playing from a seated position.• Options to change weapon holding/picking type – Hold, Click (default settings) or Double click. Switching to the hold mode will return the weapon to the holster as soon as you release the grip button.• Option to use VR hands without forearms (Game settings) – now default• Option to disable two handed weapon smoothing (Game settings)• Dedicated water quality setting in options (Video settings)• Setting for body disappearing effect (Video settings) – default medium helps with performance if there are many zombies being killed.• Option to change connectivity for the single player game (default – other players can connect to your bio hazard/survival single player games).• Spanish (BETA – there are probably some texts missing or mistranslated) and Russian (some of the VR texts are missing, will be added in the final update) – please report any issues you find in discussions).WHAT WE CHANGED:• Improved haptics feedback• Improved interaction with holsters• Improved two handed weapons – weapon should now rotate more naturally• Improved sights for STIG pistols (sights are bigger now, easier to use)• Scaled sights for TAR assault rifle up a bit• Bow was scaled down a bit and has a peep sight on the bowstring• Removed distortion effects from explosions as they randomly caused graphics artifacts on some computers• Improved grips for some weapons• Reduced recoil for all weapons for single and two hands wieldingWHAT WE FIXED:• Weapon use for achievements (some of the achievements didn’t work correctly)• Paralyzer targeting – should be now a lot more reliable• Ability targeting (Shockwave and other force based abilities)• Text chat issues• Problems with Electrohack Minigame – not showing correct numbers• Few minigame related problems (locking players movement, inability to finish some minigames in rare instances)• Few collision and visual problems on several levels• Few minor audio problems (picking sounds, GUI sounds)• Few inventory problems – wrong interaction with holsters• Materials for glass environment• Several minor visual and script problems in levels• Several GUI problems in the map and shops• Issues in the animation system (causing occasional jams of weapons)As always, if you have any comments, questions, suggestions or reports, please let us know in the forums. We will be working all week on testing and fixing, so any helping hand will be much appreciated!Enjoy the game.Cheers,BadFly Interactive team […]