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Deisim Recent News

Deisim Recent News

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  • Update EA-1.14

    by Myron on September 8, 2017 at 6:10 pm

    Main changes : – New Void miracle. – Auto save system.- Better raids.All changes : – Auto Save every 5 minutes in a specific save slot.- Blue people will send raids if the player karma is low.- Play a sound to warn the player when a disaster happen.- Remember the last saved or loaded slot.- Void miracle to remove 1 tile.- Auto cancel all miracles in the hand of the player when the menu is opened.- Humans no longer have their own audio source but are requesting one when needed. It should improve performance in large worlds.- Rain is more impressive for citizens of a desert city.- Regeneration is more impressive for citizens of a grass city.- Thunder is more impressive for citizens of a snow city.- Idle humans applaud when the player perform a good action in the radius.- Increase town conversion speed by heretics and priests.- Added an indicator above raiding cities.- Disaster indicator will now disappear after 15 seconds instead of 30.- Void is now unlocked at the supreme deity level.- Added deity rank number and maximum rank in the menu.- Fix rain orientation.- Add achievements for 500 and 1000 humans.- Fighters will now walk when returning to their homeland after a raid.- Child spend time together when they can.- Do not change fighters color until they are back home.Feel free to join us on discord[] to discuss about futures changes. […]

  • Discord & EA-1.13.1

    by Myron on August 24, 2017 at 7:23 pm

    Join us on DiscordA discord server has been created to allow everybody to discuss about the game and its future. you don’t own the game but are interrested in his developpement you are also welcome to the Discord server.This is also a good place to share your world with other players like this cool example made by a talented player. Bug fixes – Fixed a bug preventing to load worlds correctly if the save file contained 2 towns at the same position.- Fixed a bug preventing the player to regenerate burned trees.- Fixed a bug preventing achievements to be unlocked.- Fixed some variations of snow border textures. […]

  • Update EA-1.13

    by Myron on August 18, 2017 at 6:52 pm

    OculusSDK native supportThe game will now detect Oculus devices and switch to the OculusSDK instead of SteamVR.New God locomotionThere is now a new customizable locomotion system :Press 1 grip button to grab and move the world.Press both grip buttons to scale and rotate.This system coexist with the legacy teleport and switch view system.To try it go to the game menu and toggle the options you want.Other changesDisasters will no longer happen too soon in the game.All miracles now returns in the hand of the player.Moutain style change based on the surrounding terrains.All miracles are now cancelled when entering the miracle menu.Heretics can now be converted to priest when you perform miracles. (15%)Menus displayed in front of the player instead of above the controller.Reduce the heretic rate from 10 to 5%.Reduce the speed of town conversion by heretics.Improve scaling so the player position is relative to the world and not to his play area. […]

  • Hotfix EA 1.12.1

    by Myron on July 8, 2017 at 8:09 pm

    Fixed a bug preventing the player to save the game if a town addon (port, farm, church, village,..) was destroyed by fire but not the city he belongs to.Thanks to Ixilius for the bug report that helped me to solve this. […]

  • Update EA-1.12

    by Myron on July 3, 2017 at 7:52 pm

    New features : – Added a marker above enemy cities- You can know crush humans in your hands with the grip button.- Added Deity ranks based on the number of humans in the world. – The miracles are now unlocked when you reach the required deity rank.- Added info in the menu about the current Deity rank.- Added a disaster system with 2 disasters : Wildfire and Plague.- Added a Glyph to the volcano to ignite it. Fixes : – Increased raid rate.- Children will now spawn near their parents instead of the first tile.- Miracles will no longer destroy building or kill humans on impact.- Tweaked position grabbed humans.As always your feedback is very welcome on the forums. 🙂 […]