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Nature Treks VR Recent News

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  • Minor Patch: Fixed double edges caused by antialiasing filter

    by Custard on April 11, 2018 at 3:31 pm

    Not a very exiting patch but its been a common request recently.Thanks-John […]

  • Animal Guide added

    by Custard on March 1, 2018 at 4:53 pm

    Hello Everyone,As promised I have just added a guide that hopefully gives players an idea of what animals can be encountered within Nature Treks VR and the environments they can be found in.In time I will do more work on the guide. There are still several animals that need adding, mainly smaller fish and some more birds. […]

  • NEW UPDATE RELEASED: The Animal Update!

    by Custard on February 17, 2018 at 12:26 pm

    Hello Everybody,The new update is finally ready, its taken longer than originally planned but hopefully it is worth it. Its a mixed bag of improvements and additions, most of them based on common requests, I have tried to listen and do what I can to keep improving the experience. I was planning to launch this next week accompanied by some marketing material and a new trailer but I have decided to release early.A pass on all animal models has been completed, a number of new animals have also been added bringing the total number of animal encounters in excess of 60. I will be making a guide of all animals featured and where to find them in the next couple of weeks.A completely new animal behaviour system has been implemented that allows the animals to behave in a more natural manner and lets them herd.The audio has had a complete overhaul with approximately 80% of the audio effects being replaced. A volumetric audio system has also been incorporated.The music tracks not ending smoothly has been fixed. A new simplified help panel has been added. An option to disable the audio visualisation elements but retain the music has been added. Icons now appear when toggling options to give some feedback to the user. Several trees have been replaced with higher detail versions (Most pine trees). Added some smaller animals such as dragonflies, wasps. bees and lady bugs.Two new environments have been added. ‘Jade Jurassic’ features numerous peaceful herding dinosaurs in a prehistoric valley.’Gray Storm’ aims to provide a more localized experience and includes a Komodo dragon, giant tortoise, geko, iguana and a ‘feature event’ dragon.Several incidental interactive objects have been added to ‘Gray Storm’ such as shells and sticks. This alludes to additional features that will be available in the next project.There are a few things that didn’t make it. Namely a full graphical interface (I tried but it broke everything) and some additional locomotion requests/options that really needed a graphical interface to implement/select them.Nature Treks VR has become what a large project, now with 15 environments (from an original 8), making adjustments very time consuming. Given that, I have decided to focus additional requests and feedback into the new project which hopefully builds and improves upon the essence of the NTVR experience.Changes in this update include:Added new environment ‘Jade Jurassic’Added new environment ‘Gray Storm’Added new audio systemAdded 2 new music tracksAdded 16 new animalsAdded new animal behaviour systemAdded new help panelsAdded toggle iconsFixed bug with music not ending smoothlyVarious other tweaks and fixesIf you have an issues just let me know and I will be sure to take a look. On the flip side if you do enjoy NTVR a positive review is always appreciated, I read them all and its always a positive lift to get a nice one.Thanks for supporting the project.-John […]

  • NEW UPDATE RELEASED: New environment ‘Green Bamboo’

    by Custard on November 8, 2017 at 11:26 am

    Hello Everybody,After the ocean, space and Halloween themes of the last few updates NTVR goes back to its roots with a new tranquil environment ‘Green Bamboo’.Its quite a diverse landscape so hopefully something for everyone, it also includes a new animal, an Asian Tiger.Now we have a good number and broad variety of environments development will now shift toward improving and building on the fundamental experience.Changes in this update include:Added new environment ‘ Green Bamboo’Added new animal audioAdded new audio tracksFixed some of the color banding in ‘Blue Moon’Fixed the flicking fire glitch affecting rift usersNOTE: If you experience extreme judder for the first few seconds when entering an environment please exit and re-enter or wait for it to settle down. It seems to happen only on first load – looking into the cause.As always if you have any issues, comments or suggestions please let me know and I will be sure to listen and take a look.Thanks for supporting the project – I really mean it. Its been a great journey so far and given some time I think I can really evolve the essence of the experience.-John […]

  • NEW UPDATE RELEASED: New environment ‘Blue Moon’

    by Custard on October 26, 2017 at 3:20 pm Everybody,A new environment has been added. ‘Blue Moon’ aims to give a haunting yet beautiful experience, there are no jump scares here, only your imagination. Hopefully it creates a nice atmosphere in time for Halloween. This environment is also different from the others in that it contains some man made structures. There are also some new animals to be found.NOTE: I’ve noticed an issue with the flickering fire on the Rift, will try and fix it in the next update.Some work on the audio visualization FX has been added. Remember if you toggle off the music these will also stop appearing.Aurora Borealis have been added to ‘White Winter’ if you toggle the time of day to night.Changes in this update include:Added new environment ‘ Blue Moon’Added new audio visualisation FXAdded Aurora Borealis effect to ‘White Winter’Added new audio tracksRemoved rim shader from animalsSlowed down some rolling fog effectsFixed issue with the player being to high in scene selectionVarious other minor fixes and tweaksAnother update with a new environment will follow in the near future. It will take the shape of a beautiful Asian landscape complete with tigers.As always if you have any issues, comments or suggestions please let me know and I will be sure to listen and take a look.Thanks for supporting the project.-John […]