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Overkill VR Recent News

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  • Overkill VR achieves the bronze medal in the Steam Awards 2017!

    by Game Troopers on January 16, 2018 at 6:28 pm

    It’s a great honour for us announce that Overkill VR has achieved the bronze medal in the VR-only category of the 2017 Steam Awards!We would like to thank the response we’ve received from the Steam Community. Your feedback has guided the development and updates of this game since the beginning of our Early Access campaign.Moreover, we also would like to thank the amazing development team that has put all their best in to make this game as great as it has become.We’re so excited and motivated to bring along new updates and more content!So stay tuned, Soldiers! There’s more to come…Keep fighting!Overkill VR Web: the trailer: a look at the best VR games on Steam: […]

  • Overkill VR new PPGun version!

    by Game Troopers on August 11, 2017 at 12:21 pm

    We proudly announce that we have implemented the PPGun (Pad Power Gun) controller in Overkill VR. This controller will not leave anyone indifferent, with an impressive design and an extraordinary handling this controller will let you feel like you are in the real battlefield! The PPGun integrates the same buttons that a Vive controller has, these buttons have been placed for fast and more immersive actions. You can reload, shoot, use your support items and change the weapon in a few seconds for each action, which represents a deeper and immersive experience that our users will enjoy.We have improved the gameplay and some levels for this version. The feeling with the guns is tremendously realistic, you can aim and shoot like you are handling a real gun but in Overkill VR world! This version will live with the version that currently is in the store, so you can play with your PPGun and then back to the controllers version with your current stars, stats, money and achievements. We wanted to create this version for our users that want more action and more immersion for Overkill VR. With the levels of the machine gun modified you will aim your gun where you want to shoot and devastate your enemies while you are having a lot of fun. We have decided to offer a discount of 30% from the total price of the game for this new version, so users won’t have any excuses to start playing Overkill VR with PPGun! Now you can defeat The Faction enemies shooting them with your PPGun and feeling the guns like they are in your own hands!New features in the game:- Mixed reality works with PPGun- Pressing space will change the camera tracker for record in Mixed Reality.- Machine gun levels redesigned for PPGun version, now you are able to aim and shoot with your PPGun and the machine gun will follow all your moves.- Position of the guns readapted to have an immersive experience and aim through the gunsight easily.- New tutorial for PPGun players.- With PPGun controller is not needed any other controller to play Overkill VR.- Play normal mode with Vive controllers or play PPGun mode with your PPGun.Video Mixed Reality with PPGun: Team- […]

  • New patch 3.10a available!

    by alexandre.llanses on May 16, 2017 at 11:24 am

    HI soldiers! It’s time for a new update, v3.10a is ready! We can’t wait to play it!Steam improvementsProblems during the game load are solved.Oculus improvementsManual re-load on Oculus corrected, and all the problems loading the game with Oculus Touch are fixed.Thanks again for your constant feedback and support and sharing your love for the game in the community forums and on the reviews!– GT Team &ndas […]

  • New patch 3.09 available!

    by alexandre.llanses on May 5, 2017 at 11:34 am

    What’s up soldiers? It’s time for a new update (v3.09a), don’t waste your time and go for it! New features:All versions improvementsThe RPG rocket launcher is now available on left-handed mode, now the sight is placed on the right side.Oculus improvementsThe position and rotation of all weapons and support items is now improved in order to increase the inmersion and comfortability.Thanks again for your constant feedback and support and sharing your love for the game in the community forums and on the reviews!– GT Team &ndas […]

  • Fixing reality (or mixed reality at least!)

    by GT.Testing on April 26, 2017 at 11:52 am

    Hello Troopers!Some of you have been having problems with mixed reality. Thanks to your help we have been able to spot all the present errors, and should be fixed.You can see the detailed guide to create mixed reality videos on the following link: is you opportunity. Take your controllers, start recording, and show the world who is the best trooper! […]