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PAYDAY 2 VR Recent News

PAYDAY 2 VR Recent News

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  • PAYDAY2: Hotfix 170.1

    by OVERKILL_Tobias on January 12, 2018 at 3:14 pm

    ​Hotfix 170.1We are going live today with a hotfix to the update from yesterday. The fixes only affect the PC version so there is no update to VR today. This update will fix the issue where a lot of levels were missing from the Crime Spree roster as well as a red dot issue. Included are also some fixes for Crime Spree issues related to controllers and a crash fix when joining a heist, this should improve the experience and avoid some seemingly random crashes that have been reported in the past.Crime always pays unless you get cloaked.OVERKILL_TobiasOVERKILL – a Starbreeze Studio.Update 170.1 ChangelogUpdate size: 13.5MbGeneralAdded the missing Crime Spree levelsFixed a crash that could occur if a client joined a game at the same time as a body was despawningFixed so that you can press “start the heist” or “reroll” after finishing a heist in Crime Spree when using a controllerFixed so that when you open a safe the animation is no longer infiniteFixed so that the Compact Holosight has a reticleFixed so that the AK5 Rifle has a correctly aligned reddot reticleFixed so that the Bernetti 9 Pistol has a correctly aligned reddot reticleFixed so that the Deagle Pistol has a correctly aligned reddot reticleFixed so that the Chimano Custom Pistol has a correctly aligned reddot reticleFixed the strings on some of the “Becoming …” achievements that they refer to the correct infamy lev […]

  • PAYDAY2: Update 170 and VR Beta 1.6

    by OVERKILL_Tobias on January 11, 2018 at 4:26 pm

    ​​New Year, More Heisting!We are back again after the holidays and new year celebrations. We ended last year with a bang and we start the new year with a crimewave over Washington. Four more levels gets added to the Crime Spree to further expand the roster of levels available to you.Attention:As new levels are added to the rotation any active Crime Sprees will be reset.You pay continental coins to start again from the same level or claim your reward and start over.We are also continuing the tweaks we started last year. This time the focus is Special Weapons, Sniper Rifles and some other weapons. The Swan Song skill has also been adjusted.VR BetaFor VR beta we have improved the Inventory Belt customization. You can now set the location of the boxes and further improve your experience in the game and improve your heisting capabilities.At the same time we looked over the fadeout system when your head collides with a wall or ceiling. You now have more options to define how you want the game to react.Last but not least we added a new red dot shader to all non-zoomed red dot sights. This should further increase the realism when you make the helmets fly. This does not affect zoomed sights. You can find a complete list below in the change log.Special Weapons and Swan Song tweaksThe Rocket Launchers and the Thanatos were originally designed to be the best weapons for dispatching bulldozers. Recently we feel like they have not been competitive enough to compensate for the drawbacks they bring with them. For this reason we are raising their damage to reduce how many shots they need to kill Bulldozers.While we like the way Swan Song works, it is often viewed as a mandatory skill for the One Down difficulty due to how strong of a counter it is to the one down mechanic. With the reduced duration the player will have to work harder to make the most out of the skill.To a new heisting year of loot and gunfire.OVERKILL_TobiasOVERKILL – a Starbreeze Studio.Update sizes:Update 170: 152MBUpdate 170 to VR Beta 1.6: 96.7MBVR Beta 1.52 to VR Beta 1.6: 173.4MBUpdate 170 Crime SpreeAdded Brooklyn Bank Heist to the Crime Spree rotationAdded Alaskan Deal to the Crime Spree rotationAdded Reservoir Dogs: Garnet Group Boutique to the Crime Spree rotationAdded Reservoir Dogs: Highland Mortuary to the Crime Spree rotationGeneralUpdated the crimenet loading screen hints with the new Crime.net interfaceFixed an issue where vehicles could get stuck on debris from the SWAT turretFixed an issue with Ethans health being to low on the One Down difficulty when having him as team AISoundRemoved an Ethan line where he mentions Cloaker instead of intended Bulldozer.WeaponsArbiterFixed an issue where it was not using the intended damage valuesChina PuffFixed an issue where it was not using the intended damage valuesInterceptor 45Fixed so that the red dot sight is not misaligned if you use the expert slideHRL-7 Rocket LauncherRocket damage increased to 12500 (up from 10000)Commando 101 Rocket LauncherRocket damage increased to 6200 (up from 5000)Thanatos .50 cal Sniper RifleBullet damage increased to 3500 (up from 2800)DMR Kits Weapon ModsAmmo pick up has normalised to reliable pick up one bullet per boxBroomstick Pistol – Precision BarrelAmmo pick up has normalised to reliable pick up one bullet per boxGalant RifleAmmo pick up decreased by 20%M308 RifleAmmo pick up decreased by 20%Cavity 9mmAmmo pick up decreased by 20%Little Friend 7.62 Assault RifleAmmo pick up decreased by 20%STRYK 18c PistolThe recoil pattern was tweaked to be easier to control and more predictable for the playerThe camera shake effect has been reducedThe Judge ShotgunTotal Ammo decreased to 35 (down from 40)SkillsSwan Song – AcedSkill duration bonus is reduced to 3 seconds. (down from 6)LevelAlaskan DealReplaced a door in the level that opened in to waterFixed a spot where bags could be thrown out of the levelBeneath The MountainFixed an issue where players could get stuck in the vault area Fixed so that bags no longer fall off the helipadBig BankFixed so that you can no longer use the button to open the vault from the outsideBiker HeistMade a tweak so that the bikes should no longer flip over or get stuck when colliding with each otherBrooklyn BankFixed an issue where cops would climb through the fence on the second floor inside the bankFixed so that enemies won’t spawn on the second floor until the player has access to that areaFixed so that the crescent windows in the bank break when cops jump through themAdded VO to the escape driverAdded waypoints to the winch partsThe thermite VO now only plays once that objective has been started.Fixed several issues with portals, occluders and lod steps on the levelFixed an issue where one blue swat would spawn on higher difficultiesFixed an issue with floating graffiti on a doorFixed an issue where players could lock pick the strongbox under the floor before the c4 had detonatedMoved one of the lance drill outwards a little bit to not clip with the doorFixed an issue with floating papers on a desk inside the bankFixed so that the laptop on the second floor now has the text “hold F to hack” instead of “place the laptop”Car ShopAdded collision behind a door close to the water cooler to prevent the player from getting stuckDiamond HeistFixed an issue where the alarm would not go off if you broke the glass of the display cases after you had opened them with a glass cutterFixed the issue where the stealth secure zone sometimes wouldn’t be disabled when going loudFixed an issue where you could not pick up a certain bagFixed an issue where AI could walk through a glass windowFirestarterFixed the issue where money wound count as weapons destroyedGolden Grin CasinoFixed so that it no longer takes 50 seconds or more to pick up the sleeping gasHeat StreetFixed so that you no can no longer climb the trees by the crash siteMoved a trashcan where the player could get stuck on the way to the crash siteAdded tinted windows on the crashed vanJewelry StoreFixed so that the animation for the police cars entering the level has the wheels in the right placeNew Safe HouseFixed issue where client could interact with one of Dukes paintings on tier 3 of his safehouse “room”NightclubAdded collision to prevent bags from getting stuck on a ledge above the safePrison NightmareFixed so that you can no longer get pushed out of the level when opening a warhead crateReservoir DogsFixed an issue where “Defend the warehouse” objective would never end in rare occasions on day 1Fixed portal issues on day 2Shadow RaidFixed an issue where the team AI would walk around the level after player drops outSlaughterhouseTurned a container around so that the correct doors open to prevent enemies from clipping through itResized some portals to prevent objects from popping in and outThe Bomb: DockyardFixed so that you can no longer shoot guards so that they end up on pipes and cannot be interacted with anymoreThe DiamondRemoved a Bain line from The Diamond that mentions that “the cops have the MALL locked down”.VR Beta 1.51 ChangelogGeneralRemoved christmas tree from lobby roomImproved inventory belt customizationImproved wall collision fadeout optionsRed Dot SightsImproved the The Professional’s Choice SightImproved the Surgeon SightImproved the See More SightImproved the Compact Holosight Improved the Speculator SightImproved the Trigonom SightImproved the Solar SightImproved the Pistol Red Dot SightImproved the 45 degree red-dot GadgetImproved the Riktpunkt 45 degree GadgetLevelsAdded Boiling PointAdded CounterfeitAdded Election DayAdded Hotline MiamiAdded Hoxton RevengeAdded Panic RoomAdded Scarface MansionAdded Shadow RaidAdded Transport: Train heistAdded Undercover […]

  • PAYDAY2: Update 169.2 – One More Present

    by OVERKILL_Tobias on December 24, 2017 at 5:26 pm

    ​Happy Holidays PAYDAY Players!Here’s something that’s kinda small.But with it you will we have a ball.It’ll make a real loud bang.Greetings from the PAYDAY gang.​Compact 40mm Grenade LauncherA compact secondary grenade launcher equipable at a low level and perfect for clearing a room.Unlocks at level 20.StatisticsMagazine 1Total Ammo 6Rate of Fire 30Damage 1300Accuracy 84Stability 84Concealment 22Threat 37Reload Time 3.1Snow, Bullets and Booms makes the Holidays.OVERKILL_TobiasOVERKILL – a Starbreeze Studio.​​Update sizes:Update 169.2: 15,5MBUpdate 169.2 to VR Beta 1.52: 94.3MBUpdate VR Beta 1.52: 23.2MBUpdate 169.2 and VR Beta 1.52 ChangelogWeaponAdded the Compact 40mm Grenade Launcher […]

  • PAYDAY2: Hotfix 169.1

    by OVERKILL_Tobias on December 22, 2017 at 1:41 pm

    ​​Hotfix 169.1The holiday spirits flow through Brooklyn and the bullets fly.And to keep the season red and jolly we’ve got a hotfix for you.The spirit of the season is bullets and loot.OVERKILL_TobiasOVERKILL – a Starbreeze Studio.Update sizes:Update 169.1: 44.8MBUpdate 169.1 to VR Beta 1.51: 93,1MBUpdate 169.1 and VR Beta 1.51 ChangelogGeneralUpdated waypoints for the trash bin objectiveUpdated waypoints for the dumpster objectiveFixed a sound issue related to a door opening animationImprove performance by reducing shadow drawsReplaced a cop car parked by the side of the road with a regular vehicleFixed an issue where the escape van was visible from the start of the levelLowered the chance of the SWAT Turret to spawnReduced the amount of simultaneous snipers to 1Improved some spawn animationsUpdated the AI navigation inside the VaultUpdated the AI navigation in the pre-vault roomRemoved laptops from the offices on ground floorUpdated the CrimeNet summaryUpdated description for the “Layers of Steel” and the “All the Gold in Brooklyn” achievementsReservoir DogsFixed spelling error on an objectiv […]

  • PAYDAY2: Brooklyn Bank Heist

    by OVERKILL_Tobias on December 21, 2017 at 5:04 pm

    ​[www.overkillsoftware.com]Christmas comes early in Brooklyn!Locke got some plans for the PAYDAY gang and is stepping into the role he now finds himself in. He has a new heist lined up for you. A bank out in Brooklyn with more secrets than meets the eye.Mask up and get your guns out this Christmas to join Locke and wreak some havoc in the streets of New York. Our first ever Christmas heist was contracted by Bain and with Locke settling into his shoes it’s only fitting that he now brings us out to play in the snow. And if you think the snow is too cold Locke brings you some soft presents to put on when you heist on Alaskan Deal.On top of it all we also have a pack of vicious animal masks inspired by snow and frosty climate. How do you want to heist? As a majestic Moose or a fierce Wolf? Have your pick among four animals you really don’t want to mess with.​Aim Down Sight in VRWe have improved the Aim down sight system. From now on it will trigger when you hold the gun up in front of your eyes with either one or two hands..Ho Ho Ho, I got a Machine Gun.OVERKILL_TobiasOVERKILL – a Starbreeze Studio.​Update size: 481,3MBUpdate 169 ChangelogReservoir DogsFixed an issue where bags could become impossible to reach under the groundFixed an issue where bags could become impossible to reach behind containersFixed an issue where bags could become impossible to reach in the vaultFixed an issue where bags could become impossible to reach on house facadesFixed an issue that caused the Garnet Group sign to disappear over the vaultAlaskan DealAdded special suits in the form of winter jacketsWeaponsGL40 Grenade Launcher damage increased to 1300 (up from 960)Piglet Grenade Launcher damage increased to 1300 (up from 960)RPK Light Machine Gun stability is decreased to 8 (down from 16)RPK Light Machine Gun concealment is decreased to 1 (down from 5)Brenner-21 Light Machine Gun stability is decreased to 8 (down from 16)Brenner-21 Light Machine Gun concealment is decreased to 1 (down from 2)KSP 58 Light Machine Gun stability is decreased to 28 (down from 36)KSP 58 Light Machine Gun concealment is decreased to 1 (down from 2)Buzzsaw 42 Light Machine Gun stability is decreased to 28 (down from 36)Buzzsaw 42 Light Machine Gun concealment is decreased to 1 (down from 2)​Update VR Beta 1.5 ChangelogUpdate sizes:Beta 1.4 – Beta 1.5 – 487,4MBMain Branch to Beta 1.5 – 97,4MBGeneralImproved the ladder climbing systemFixed an issue where bags were thrown from the chest of clients instead of the handFixed an issue where you could grab a magazine with manual reload even if there was no bullets in the magazineFixed an issue where the manual reload would display a full clip reload even when the player does not have enough ammo for itImproved the Aim Down sight system and removed two-handed trigger for ADS skillsRemoved the movement speed penalty while ADS is triggeredFixed issue where the player could interact and move at the same time with the direct movement systemFixed an issue where warp functionality was not interrupted by interactionsImproved the wall check system for automatic weaponDisabled belt while being tasedDisabled belt while being cuffed Prevented controller input during in the pause menu to affect gameplayFixed so ingame vissual effects and waypoints won’t appear in the pause menuWeaponsAdded the Ksp 58Added the RPKAdded the KSPAdded the Brenner 21Added the Buzzsaw 42Added the Vulcan MinigunLevelsAdded the Brooklyn BankAdded the Brooklyn 10-10Added the White XmasAdded the Jewelry StoreAdded the Ukrainian JobAdded the Murky Station […]