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  • You were waiting for this!

    by Sugarogue on March 30, 2018 at 4:46 pm

    We made it possible for you to change the locomotion type in the new mode!Now you are able to decide which locomotion typе will be the most comfortable for you before the game starts, and there will be 3 options available. You can see them on screenshot.Moreover, with this small update installed, you can try to play without a VR-helmet! At its current state, it feels a lot different from VR experience, but in time, we will make it possible for everyone to try VRobot out. By the way, which locomotion type do you find the most comfortable and why?Please share your thoughts in the comment section down below. […]

  • Ready Player One mode!

    by Sugarogue on March 27, 2018 at 7:59 pm

    Have you already seen the “Ready Player One” film or read the book? We’ve got so inspired by it that we’ve decided to introduce a new mode at the time the most important movie about virtual reality hits the movie theaters!Now you will be able to enter an absolutely new location from the main menu. Here is a list of what you can meet there:1)Protect the artifact from robots. There are 7 waves of enemies and 3 new types of them: giants, regular and fast robots, who run towards the dome faster than other robots. And the dome is the only protection your artifact has! Besides you, of course.2)Absolutely stunning retro music. It will be a lot of fun smashing the robots while listening to addictive beats!3)Weapons you’ve been already introduced to: the Hammer and the Gun from multiplayer. In order to receive the latter, you will have to work some stuff out and reach the 3rd wave. The Gun will appear right on the location, all you will need to do is to grab it and use it to destroy everything around you using two hands. Also you can take 2 pistols at once!The rules are simple:Destroy waves of enemies with styleProtect the artifact under the dome, its HP can be seen on topIf the dome is destroyed – it is not that horrible, there is still you to prevent the enemies from destroying the artifact. Hope you will enjoy the new mode! :8bitheart: […]

  • Multiplayer!

    by gamescodedogs on February 28, 2018 at 6:25 pm

    Hey-ho dear friends 🙂 I have only three words for you: Robots, Revolver, Ready.We’ve finally launched a test version of the multiplayer mode!Multiplayer is in open ALPHA nowWe’ve already told you a lot about PvP, but now you will be able to launch its test version! Hooray!New weapon: Revolver!Unexpected, eh? SURPRISE! In the test version of the multiplayer mode, a huge revolver which shoots rockets awaits you! By the way, nobody canceled the benefit of making headshots. And a lot more stuff you love the robot for: throw the fragments, fight using skyscrapers, use a house as a shield or a shelter, though it won’t be able to handle a lot of bullets. How to startFind a small city on the world’s map with two red robots and teleport to it.To start a match you just need to click “Create a game” or, if you want to join your friend, click “Join”. EZ!A bit of info about the rules:Shoot the enemy using weapons, throw buildings at him.Do not leave the enemy reactor area. You will die if you do so.When the time of the match runs out, the one who made more kills wins. If you’ve encountered any bugs, please tell us about them and we will do all that will be needed to fix the issues as soon as possible. […]

  • Robot vs Robot

    by Ca6aka6apa6aka on February 9, 2018 at 6:45 pm

    Hello, friends! Today we want to share a lot of information about the upcoming multiplayer!When we’ve decided to choose “Player VS Player” concept for the multiplayer, we’ve encountered a lot of problems and difficulties: starting with maps what we had in the game already – they were not suitable for this mode. Same goes to the teleport system, which could have given a big advantage or disadvantage to certain players. And the fact that we had absolutely no idea how one player should see another player in the game was just another issue in this list.That was exactly the time when we came to ask for your help! I’m sure you remember us posting sketches and voting polls.We are excited to show you the results of our hard work:VRobot’s modelWe’ve added the Robot’s model to game. In the new mode, you can actually “touch” your opponent.InteractionWe’ve added the interaction between the environment and the enemy – now you can throw houses at him, and in the future – use different types of weapons.New map and locomotionWe’ve prepared a new map with two respawn points on it. We’ve also added an absolutely new element to the game – the energy reactors. While the enemy’s reactor is active – the player is protected with a shield. In order to disable the enemy’s shield you need to destroy his reactor.We’ve decided to remove the teleports and use locomotion instead.At the moment, we are busy testing this mode and fixing bugs Soon we will launch multiplayer in test mode, and, of course, we will be awaiting for your comments and suggestions about it! […]

  • Updated menu

    by Ca6aka6apa6aka on February 3, 2018 at 1:49 pm

    Hello, friends!Multiplayer’s development is going in full swing, and on the next week, I will be given an opportunity to test the new map and “touch” the new enemy a bit. As for now – let me share some fresh news with you. Due to the new concept of the game we are getting to, we’ve decided to say goodbye to the old menu.There is little time left until you will see a huge square with cities located on it instead of the previous menu. By looking at the screenshot you may come to a belief that the game looks like a city builder game, but nope, the game is about destruction :)The next feature on the way is the teleport-door, we are not sure with what we will replace it with yet. If you’ve got any ideas – share them with us in the comment section!I also can’t forget to tell you this: my colleagues are working on a game about machine learning. It can’t be purchased in Steam yet, but we provide limited access to it for our friendsYou can learn more about it her […]