Arizona Sunshine Review for HTC Vive - VR

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Arizona Sunshine Review for HTC Vive - VR

Arizona Sunshine Review

Arizona Sunshine – a game in which you play a very quippy protagonist while fighting zombies in the desert, trailer parks and mines. Ironically, Arizona Sunshine was a game I refunded early in my VR ownership due to it not working after one of the patches. I recently repurchased it during a sale and tried again on my desktop and I am glad I did.

The visuals of Arizona Sunshine are some of the best the VR has to offer. If it was a controller game, it would probably still hold some ground although it would never be very challenging. A lot of the challenge with Arizona Sunshine is the mechanics and handling yourself under sudden situations. I would say Arizona Sunshine is divided into three general modes – 1. Looking for ammo within cars/houses while there are no zombies present. 2. Clearing zombies at your leisure when there isn’t a triggered event and 3. Fighting a zombie horde triggered event. Most of the challenge is presented in the third part of the game – the horde.

Hordes will generally truly test you – not only the stress but also your ammo management. There is not really much in terms of melee attacks so if you are out of ammo, you’ll either have to backtrack and hope you find more or you’ll be a goner. Later on, as you have more weapons to deal with hordes – they become less troublesome. Most missions generally have 2-3 of these “horde” type situations and to me, it felt the earlier missions were actually more difficult. The difficulty seemed to peak around the third level and didn’t seem too difficult after a certain point.

A lot of the trick of the game is triggering the horde and giving yourself some space between where they are coming from. Keeping your ammo managed well is also very important when in these situations. You will find yourself popping ammo early but luckily you can always grab your wasted ammo off the ground during a hectic fight. There is a lot of weapons and collectibles present in Arizona Sunshine. Viewing the Steam achievements, there is a lot you can “shoot for” like killing a zombie with a toy duck.

Arizona Sunshine is a grade A game and because of such, it is a higher price. I’d suggest it if you enjoy shooters with some variety in creepy factor(the mine!) and difficulty. I found reloading and headshots very satisfying over playing Halo or other type games. My total playtime was under 4 hours but it left me wanting more – which is a good thing. There is also additional game modes to stretch more playtime out of the game besides the campaign which I have not delved into.

Arizona Sunshine - The Good

  • Lots of effort put into the story/protagonist
  • Fair and interesting difficulty
  • Ammo management is important even on Normal
  • Variety of environment/visuals/zombies
  • Sounds of zombies are great
  • One of the best early released VR titles

Arizona Sunshine - The Bad

  • Might get too easy after midway through the game
  • It is a real priced game

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