Batman: Arkham VR Review for HTC Vive - VR

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Batman™: Arkham VR Review for HTC Vive - VR

Batman Arkham VR is one of the earliest “big titles” to come to VR but does it live up to the hype? The game tells the story of Bruce Wayne’s origins slightly but largely focuses upon the search for a killer. It is largely an interactive movie with small elements of puzzle. The action itself is very little and don’t expect this to be that type of game. Visually, Batman Arkham VR is one of the best. Although the environments are gorgeous, you’re restricted to “teleport locations” which you can blink to and look around. A locomotion movement option would have been better but with the actual content of the game, I can’t say I blame them. The audio of the game is great and features the usual expected work from Rocksteady Studios. The actual game length is fairly short – my completion clocking in around an hour and I encountered one bug that forced a slight reload.

The weaknesses of the game, is the fact it is more a “movie” than a “game”. Those of you expecting Arkham Asylum in VR will be sorely disappointed. Most of what you do is watch and listen. From time to time, you will be solving fairly simple puzzles and if they’re not immediately obvious to you – the game will eventually give you a tip. There is SOME jump scares and a bit of violence but you won’t feel too endangered. As far as fighting and aiming – most of it is GREATLY assisted. You don’t need to be accurate throwing or shooting as the game will lock you onto the nearest target when you actually shoot your projectile.

The price for the game is likely not worth it for full price but if you can grab it from a third party, it’s easy to get under $10. For under $10, it feels worth it but for the full retail price – it’d be tough to recommend just because its not really much of a game. Once you complete the game, there is attempts by the developer to give you something to do – find riddler clue pieces. I didn’t attempt this but kudos to them for trying to stretch out the limited content further. I think the game would largely be a nice “demo piece” to show others how great VR can look and be but thats largely what it is to me. It’s cool to see Batman content in VR, especially in such a dramatically delivered method. The parts you look in the mirror and see yourself as batman is definitely one of the nice highlights. Hopefully in the future, we get more of an actual Batman game and less of an interactive Batman movie – you can see the potential for it in Batman Arkham VR.

Batman™: Arkham VR - The Good

  • GREAT visuals
  • AAA audio and music
  • Batman in VR
  • Too easy of puzzles

Batman™: Arkham VR - The Bad

  • Less action, more simple puzzle
  • Feels like more of a movie than game
  • Retail price seems high for game length

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