Blue Effect VR Review for HTC Vive - VR

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Blue Effect VR Review for HTC Vive - VR

Blue Effect VR is a wave shooter – something that is probably one of the most popular genres on the VR besides Escape Rooms. I can’t fault it for this as VR really works well for the genre compared to some others. In Blue Effect VR you are placed in dark rooms and very few lighting options and shoot hordes of robotic/creatures of horror hybrids that remind me a bit of aliens also. This is NOT a game for someone with Nyctophobia as you will NOT be able to see much or far. By the time you can see something, you’ll likely be dead or taking some damage.

You are given a ball in which you can throw with one hand on some levels that lights up around it. I honestly didn’t understand the point of the ball besides the lighting. The tutorial really didn’t say much useful information that I couldn’t have figured out myself and left the things I didn’t understand unexplained. Like – does the ball hurt enemies? If I shoot the ball and it makes an explosion, does it hurt enemies? Can I punch enemies? I had no idea. By a certain point, I just focused upon the level that had 2 guns and using the “night vision” vials. Once you run out the vials, it becomes good night as I wish you good luck seeing anything.

The goods of the game to me was the audio/visuals. The lighting looked great and the night vision was cool once I figured out what the vials did. The sounds of the creatures were actually very well done and quite intimidating, especially when your lights were off. The monsters looked pretty well done when you could see them.

There doesn’t seem to be much else to the game at the moment. There is not much customization compared to other wave shooters and , as I said earlier, I don’t understand the point of the ball and due to the lack of tutorial, I felt I shouldn’t bother caring. I had some problems with the tracking for this game but I will not count that against it as it may have been something on my end.

Overall, Blue Effect VR is $14.99. For this price, I can’t recommend it. There are such better wave shooters, in my opinion, that are around that price or less. It might be worth the grab if you get some usage out of the multiplayer modes but for single player, I felt I saw most of what was offered in a short amount of time. A big step to improving the game would have been a better explanation of “the ball” or adding other options to actually SEE the enemies but I guess that’s the point of the game.

Blue Effect VR - The Good

  • Visually looks well done
  • Music and Sound Effects were great
  • It is scary

Blue Effect VR - The Bad

  • $14.99 for 4 levels - Might be high
  • No explanation about what the ball does
  • No explanation about the night vision vials
  • Too dark to really enjoy

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