Bullet VR Review for HTC Vive - VR

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Bullet VR Review for HTC Vive - VR

Bullet VR is a neat little pixel world overrun with aliens. The story is you’re some war hero hellbent on destroying the aliens that are destroying the world. Actually looking at the scenes in the game, civilization looks to be getting along with the little green guys and the protagonist is actually the one causing terror on unarmed aliens.

The game is divided into 3 modes and I tried all of them. The first I messed around with was Classic Mode. This mode had the most interesting scenery featuring streets, vehicles and lots of action going on. The first problem I encountered is reloading guns – and a problem I never actually resolved or figured out. For the machine gun – I could pop out the ammo when it was spent and when I put in a new ammo with my hand, the gun still wouldn’t fire. It worked a couple times randomly and then stopped working. The other gun is the sniper rifle and that ammo was very bugged. When I attempted to grab a bullet, all of the bullets sprayed out of the ammo box in huge lines. Another problem I noticed was when I killed an alien, they have an invisible amount of pixels above their bodies that are “dead zones” that actually stop bullets in midair. I regretfully was not able to see much more of this area due to the reloading problem – I’d eventually run out of bullets. It seemed like the only enemies were the aliens that actually walked into your apartment.

The next mode I tried was the Fight mode. This one you are holding a melee weapon and the aliens approach in their slow way. You can easily do this one by whipping your hand back and forth. At a certain point, the aliens open a new path and come from behind. This mode worked thankfully although I can’t see why I would be interested in playing it longer than 2 minutes. The last mode is Endless mode. This mode is the same as Fight Mode except you have 2 shotguns and you THANKFULLY don’t have to bother working with the reload system. This mode worked and seemed painfully easy – it could truly be endless as long as you want to stay awake and keep pressing the trigger on your vive controllers.

So, the game was $1.49 after the 70% sale on Steam(retails $4.99). It’s tough for me to recommend – even for free with the classic mode reloading problem. If classic mode reloading worked, I’d say its a “get what you pay for” situation. Visually the game is great. It actually has promise if its polished and add some more interesting concepts like aliens firing into the windows/using cover. Having aliens only melee and walk snail pace up to you got old pretty quick.

Overall Bullet VR is a pass for me unless you want a very short, buggy, shallow shooter with great visuals and ideas. Also – that intro screen is pretty cool if I had to give it any other praise.

Bullet VR - The Good

  • Visually appealing
  • Intro gets you pumped up

Bullet VR - The Bad

  • Reload broken
  • Endless mode is stupid easy
  • All modes are incredibly repetitive
  • Buggy all around

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