Euclidean Review for HTC Vive - VR

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Euclidean Review for HTC Vive - VR

A neck injury waiting to happen – Euclidean is the game in which you need to constantly be looking down while wearing an HTC Vive Headset. How does this translate? Ouch.

I’m not a big Lovecraft person – in fact, I’m woefully ignorant on the topic. The game has a lot of cool monsters and visuals as you fall and try to avoid them. There is a mode which triggers invincibility as you phase to a different dimension to also avoid hits from enemies.

A real whopper that took me by surprise is starting the game is cryptic. Despite there being a menu for level select and options, there is no “Start Game”. I actually had to look up online to figure out how to start the game – you have to look at the moon in the sky for a while. While tumbling into the abyss, my game kept going to that “steam loading” style VR room periodically. That white/wire frame room when your computer doesn’t render the VR fast enough. I have no idea why this game had so many problems as I can play Arizona Sunshine(highest) or Serious Sam(highest) but this game can’t handle it for some reason. It definitely made it even harder as the game would flash white constantly and stutter.

Overall, between these problems, I can’t really recommend the game. For the VR – The neck hurting is probably the worst problem of the three I have with it. It’s not a very stimulating game but definitely looks cool. It’s $4.99 new which I could not really recommend as there is actually a lot better $5 games that don’t injure your neck and back.

Euclidean - The Good

  • Visually different from other games
  • Looks good
  • Good music

Euclidean - The Bad

  • Looking down constantly with VR on head = pain
  • Stuttering white screens and loading
  • Cryptic Game Start on Menu

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