Far Space VR Review for HTC Vive - VR

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Far Space VR Review for HTC Vive - VR

Genres for Far Space VR are quite mixed – Action? Simulation? Adventure? These are all very generous terms to describe the game. In Far Space VR, you play the role of an astronaut who sounds like he’s taken too many Xanax while he does a lot of crazy things like kill a fellow astronaut or fight aliens with the nod of a head. The game has two general areas – an “action” area in which you shoot at aliens by turning your head. It’s not that bad BUT it gets old VERY fast. Generally, you fight spawns of 3 alien vessels – kill them. 3 more appear, rinse and repeat.

The “choice” area is the more “you’re in the movie” type gameplay. You watch stuff and make a choice. Choices are usually something like “jump fast” or “jump slow”. You choose the wrong one, you die and choose again. Most of these decisions seem to offer no informed decision situation – I just choose and hope I made the right choice. How am I to know that “jump fast” or “jump slow” was the wrong answer? You got me. Thankfully the astronaut has a 3 second death penalty as you instantly bump back into the decision you failed on.

Let’s talk more about the most controversial part of this game – MOTION SICKNESS. Even right now, writing this review, I’m still queasy. It’s very much like the end result of playing Atlantis VR. Ever flip around head over heels in space WHILE not moving yourself in person? Enjoy your stomach going into your throat. For a LOT of the “choice” areas in the game, I would just close my eyes until I waited to give my input. Sitting or – if you really dare – standing with your eyes open, playing this game, would be impossible.

The actual length of Far Space VR for a $2 or less game is perfectly fine. My end time clocked in around 25 minutes which isn’t bad. There are a lot of $15-$20 games for VR that have equal or less than this length. It IS a game. It has an ending and it played without any problems(besides the motion sickness). It will largely come down to – is it worth feeling sick for any price? Don’t try to be too much of a hero in the opening scene with your eyes open and you’ll do just fine.

Far Space VR - The Good

  • Under $2 game
  • Playtime is long for $2
  • Visually looks OK

Far Space VR - The Bad

  • Silly voice acting
  • Feels like it is designed for a cell phone

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