Felt Tip Circus Review for HTC Vive - VR

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Felt Tip Circus Review for HTC Vive - VR

Felt Tip Circus is a game that has a ton of potential in my opinion. It is a game in which you are performers in a circus and you basically play mini games to impress the crowd. The game, as I write this review, is packaged with 4 games such as knife throwing or lion taming. You basically play until your time is up and there is extra rewards(revealed at the very end). As far as multiplayer works, you simply take turns similar to a hot seat game. The game looks very polished – from the menu to the actual circus room itself – Felt Tip Circus has a definitive look that really works. The audio and music also is what you would expect from a game of this type and fits in well.

As far as the goods and bads – The amount of mini games that the game comes with works well but it definitely wouldn’t work too much for replay value. Thankfully the game does support Steam Workshop and I did manage to play an additional game that someone created that involved whacking gummi bears similar to whac-a-mole. There is no other content though unfortunately but I have to give the developer credit for attempting to add workshop mode. In my video, I truly believe a “randomized” mode would be best for the mini games rather than choosing what appears. It’s possible this is already in the game, and if so – I didn’t find it. I also had no idea how the lion tamer mini game worked but I’m assuming its something I misunderstood.

Is it worth buying? Obviously, this isn’t a worthy buy as a single player game. It’s an interest pick if its on sale but expect much mileage out of it besides just trying the mini games once through and uninstalling. For a game that could played in a group or with kids, its far more likely a valid purchase.

Felt Tip Circus - The Good

  • Workshop Support Gives Unlimited Potential
  • Polished Presentation
  • Good sound

Felt Tip Circus - The Bad

  • Moderate amount of mini games for price
  • Really not worth it for single player gamers

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