Front Defense Review for HTC Vive - VR

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Front Defense Review for HTC Vive - VR

Front Defense is yet another VR wave shooter. This one isn’t a sci-fi or zombie one but this time a World War 2 style which surprisingly, I haven’t played yet.

For $20, Front Defense boasts some polished visuals that actually are one of the better looking for wave shooter. It has a “long” vision range that you can see enemies approaching from a distance. I could not make it past the first level so I can’t comment on the second or third levels but it seems like the replay value is basically a “score chaser”. You unlock the next levels by achieving accumulated scores so even if you lose, you make progress towards the next level(which I liked.) The variety of weapons(on the first level) included a gattling style gun, a machine gun, a bazooka and grenades. I didn’t mess around much with the grenades but everything with the weapons made sense and they worked unlike some wave shooters I reviewed *cough* Bullet VR *cough*.

As far as negatives, I had to exit the tutorial to change settings but unfortunately when I could not find the tutorial again. Another problem was there was “objects” outside my play area. It’s possible I too aggressively formed my play area in VR so I can’t really blame the game for this 100%. The big gamble with Front Defense to me is the cost. A whopping $20 for 3 stages in a wave shooter seems very tough to overcome when its not on sale. The visuals and audio and the execution of the game is actually one of the best I’ve seen and worthy in the likes of Space Pirate Trainer but the cost seemed a bit high to me. There wasn’t as much variety in game modes as some of the other shooters or the customization of something like Overkill VR.

I can’t recommend it for the price. It isn’t the worst wave shooter by a long shot for the price. Compared to Rom : Extraction which is similarly priced, this one at least has some challenge and variety that keeps it interesting. I still can’t imagine buying a game for this price when there is actual full games with free locomotion with a story and just as exciting as action but that pretty much is my opinion of all wave shooters.

Front Defense - The Good

  • Visually great
  • WW2 theme, not another sci-fi/zombie
  • Polished presentation
  • Cover is exciting in VR

Front Defense - The Bad

  • $20 for 3 levels?
  • Wouldn't let me re enter tutorial

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