Henry The Hamster Handler Review for HTC Vive - VR

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Henry the Hamster Handler Review for HTC Vive - VR

Not even kidding – Henry the Hamster Handler is one of the most difficult games on the HTC Vive. I got stopped cold around 7 levels in and truth be told, I deserved it. The game is basically like playing a game of “Whac-A-Mole” but instead of just hitting moles, you’re also having to turn certain nozzles, push up and down on switches and all around – time things.. And the timing is TIGHT. Immediately once I got past a couple levels, I realized the potential difficulty for this game and it delivered quickly. In a way, I expected a game like Ropes and Dragons VR – A fairly kid friendly but also simple puzzle game that demands SOME reflexes. This game would chew and spit out a casual player in my opinion.

That said – the game is fair and beautiful. Just pressing the buttons to start the game – I could tell Henry the Hamster Handler was a game created with care. The way the various “traps” and contraptions look are very interesting and the mechanics play well together. For instance – the teleporter switch has to be hit immediately when a hamster is over it. The gate you wheel up and down to close – can work for, or against you. The burners are just simple “you better keep me in mind” situations and constantly keep them green. Combine all this stuff together and you’ll be twirling about, overwhelmed as your hamsters are destroyed. I can tell being good at this game would be a skill – much like music based beat games such as Rock Band, Guitar Hero or Dance Dance Revolution. You could practice it and eventually not get overwhelmed and get a nice feel for the timings.

I highly recommend this game for the current price of $4.99(on sale at times for even less!) It has a wealth of content and seriously – its a challenge of madness. The game doesn’t seem to offer other modes but each level offers a bonus stars for “perfection” which would encourage replay if you wanted to achieve more than just simply passing the levels. I give it 10/10 for what it is, how well it performs, how great it looks and the price itself.

Henry the Hamster Handler - The Good

  • Budget title
  • Looks great
  • Plays naturally
  • A challenge of multi tasking and reflexes
  • Replay for stars
  • 30 levels

Henry the Hamster Handler - The Bad

  • Maybe too hard, too quickly?

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