A Legend of Luca Review for HTC Vive - VR

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A Legend of Luca Review for HTC Vive - VR

A Legend of Luca is classified as a “FPS Rogue-Like” and there can be no argument of that. You will likely die either due to difficulty or a misunderstanding of game mechanics(I still don’t really understand how scrolls and abilities work). Every game you will spawn in a dungeon that you can explore which features a surprisingly wide-range of monsters including traps, shopkeepers and a boss at the end.

When I first fired up the game, I chose the “Room Scale” mode which was an interesting concept. It basically made me feel like a giant looking down at the room while moving my head/hands away from monsters. The only problem with this mode to me is I would always appear in the center of rooms when I went through doors. I just had no time to prepare and it felt like I was always going to take damage preparing for an enemy.

Next I fired up the “Full Scale” which was more what I am used to. There was a variety of locomotion options which I utilized the “slide” movement – basically you move the way your hand is pointing while hitting the button. The slide felt fair although it was easy to get stuck on random objects in the room(as would be expected if you weren’t paying attention.)

The “size” of the monsters in A Legend of Luca were very interesting from small little cute dragons to large bosses. There was a great variety – although some of the assets I’ve seen also used in Vanishing Realms such as the large Skeleton Boss(Skeleton King from Vanishing Realms) or the Skeleton Mages. The sounds fit the style of the game(cartoonish) and the music was a sortof chiptunes style blend which I actually enjoyed.

The weakness of the game to me is just not understanding how some things work. I’m sure I could read on a 3rd party source or online how things work but I expect to have a better grasp on things as I play the game. For instance, “use scroll” and “use ability” I didn’t understand. When I clicked Use Scroll, it showed the name of the scroll but I wasn’t even aware I used it. As far as “use ability”, I assumed it had to do with the trinkets you find but it was hard to remember what trinket I even had. It looked like pausing the game was how to switch weapons but I could navigate this menu when it was paused despite what buttons I pressed.

The variety of enemies and the concept of the game is commendable. It could have looked half-assed as some VR games work relying upon the VR gimmick but it does not. It actually looks polished and feels like a true game. I’ve never been a huge fan of rogue-like games so I know I was not the target audience but I could tell there is some out there who who would enjoy A Legend of Luca.

For me personally, I prefer more of a “campaign” story in which you have a goal and looking at that, I prefer Vanishing Realms since they have a similar look and vibe. I think A Legend of Luca boasts more replay due to the rogue like nature of the game and if you enjoy that type of game – it’s a definite pick up at $19.99.

A Legend of Luca - The Good

  • Enemy Variety
  • Polished look
  • Variety of collectibles, trinkets, weapons
  • Classes to unlock
  • Lots of replay value

A Legend of Luca - The Bad

  • Some aspects not explained well
  • Room-Scale seemed weak though neat

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