Mystery Stone from Heaven Review for HTC Vive - VR

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Mystery Stone from Heaven Review for HTC Vive - VR

I’m playing some weird games for VR and Mystery Stone from Heaven is a STRANGE mix of feelings, themes and graphics. You start the game with a Chinese narrative(no translation from what I could see). I frantically pushed buttons wondering if there was something to toggle but somewhere along the opening scene, translations began. Of course, the translations are Google Translate quality so there is some silly things such as “Prevent walking around in space with unprincipled from getting injured.” There is a lot of dialogue from the Simple Family – weird, cutesy out of place cartoonish characters who give you hints on the game. The game ironically has an inventory system that actually works(a backpack). There was a lot of objects that you could pick up but it seemed like it only required a select few to move on.

What is jarring about the game is the way the “style” changes. The animals that live in Mystery Stone from Heaven actually look quite great and out of place. They’re not cartoony and look quite intimidating although they pose no danger from what I could tell(maybe I could walk into them and die?) They seemed happy to sit there and snarl at me. For instance, the Scorpions look like something out of Skyrim but they’re in an education – low action game. It’s quite strange. The music is also quite varying – ranging from EPIC fantasy combat music as you shoot a bow which ends just as abruptly or the knock off Halo music when you begin the second area. There is a super long track when you summon a princess which sounds like something from a Final Fantasy game complete with a cool EDM track. The princess actually looks high quality and the effects used putting together the princess are actually really good and out of place for the rest of the game.

The actual length of the game seems to be about 20 minutes but to be honest – I’m not sure if I completed the game or not. I basically died, woke up in my office and the credits rolled. I’m not sure if the “death” was inevitable but I accepted my fate and shut off the game. The puzzles aren’t anything too difficult – just find a few objects, put them in a resurrection area and proceed. The second level caught me a little off guard and an accident revealed the way for me. With the HTC vive, it is impossible to move with something in that same hand for teleporting so that made a couple parts annoying(like shooting the bow) – maybe intentional or not.

I’m not sure I can really RECOMMEND buying a game like this unless you’re looking to be amused for a short time. The translations of Mystery Stone from Heaven might be enough for your enjoyment or the out of place music. Just don’t go in expecting a real game or story. Surprisingly, there wasn’t a terrible amount of bugs..ok, well the rhino running through the wall was funny but nothing game breaking. If it was a bit cheaper, I’d probably recommend it just for a “check it out” type game and maybe if its under $3-$4, it could be worth that price tag. I’ve certainly played shorter or worse games for a more expensive price.

Mystery Stone from Heaven - The Good

  • Actually has some good looking creatures
  • Hilariously out of place music
  • Terrible translations
  • The princess resurrection scene

Mystery Stone from Heaven - The Bad

  • Terrible translations
  • Hilariously out of place music
  • Minor bugs
  • Fairly short game

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