Nature Treks VR Review for HTC Vive - VR

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Nature Treks VR Review for HTC Vive - VR

Nature Treks VR – a game that came out of nowhere for me. I was a big fan of theBlu and after playing some other nature/casual/simulators, I was sort of thinking this genre was a one time thing. Nature Treks VR, brought back the nature/walking simulator genre to a new height and puts it as one of my favorite VR games right now.

To be fair, Nature Treks VR isn’t really a game. It’s more of an experience. You walk around – listening to ambient electronic music which has some minor visualizer results. There is a generous amount of area to explore in each environment and the author actually is releasing new environments(as of this review, a new environment was released Nov 2017.) You don’t win or lose – you just experience.

The animals you encounter are all very well detailed and animated despite some strange clipping(they will walk THROUGH objects/trees.) You have no interaction with them and them no interaction with each other or you. The sizes are spectacularly diverse from small rabbits to giant whales. The author even put in the extra effort of having juvenile sizes to roam with the adults.

I need to emphasize too – this game does have WALKING. You actually FREE roam OR teleport. Free locomotion, something I couldn’t even hope for in the Doom VFR release is in THIS game. It works great – using the controller as your orientation and movement. There is some small glitches/visual errors like animals walking through trees but that is about it.

I really have no bad things to say. The warning, again, is its not a game. You don’t win. You don’t hunt the animals. You don’t get points. You just walk around and look at cool sights, animals and have minor manipulation of the environment. If that sounds like a thing for you – then this is up your alley. If you enjoyed theBlu but wanted to walk around and explore also – this is for you. It doesn’t look quite as good as theBlu but to be fair, the exploration/feeling distance helps make up for it. The game deserves a bit of attention and even for my Lets Play, I had to split it up into 3 videos due to the detail and interest each environment boasted.

Nature Treks VR - The Good

  • Large amount of content for the price
  • Great variety of animals
  • Great looking animals
  • Beautiful landscapes and lighting

Nature Treks VR - The Bad

  • Slightly buggy animal visuals

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