Ocean Rift Review for HTC Vive - VR

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Ocean Rift Review for HTC Vive - VR

Ocean Rift, a game released by Picselica Ltd in September of 2017 is a game that can’t help being compared to other titles such as theBlu but in fact – it is far from a clone or copycat. Ocean Rift is much more akin to Nature Treks VR, a game I gave a favorable review to last year. Like Nature Treks VR(NTVR from here on out), Ocean Rift has you exploring open environments using a fluid locomotion. Like NTVR, the creatures tend to move about in their business and its up to you to find them. Like NTVR, there is a GREAT variety of species to discover. Lastly, like NTVR, its possible to miss something if you happen to go a wrong way.

Ocean Rift pits you into a variety of ocean environments that are generously proportioned for your exploration. You can choose these in any order and they range from dolphins to huge prehistoric dinosaurs. There is an attempt at learning implemented(although I did not start any environment with this turned on so not sure how in-depth it is). The controls are simple and minimal – involving propelling yourself through the water. It’s interesting enough for someone familiar with VR but simple enough that hopefully someone new could grasp. It does feature some scary moments although not emphasized by music like some of the horror games on VR do so well.

For a low price of $9.99, Ocean Rifts is a very fair price in my opinion and pushes it into the 10/10 category. If this game costed, say, $30 – I’d probably give it a much harsher score but as is – it should be the staple of how these games are fairly priced. I got a good hour out of it while rushing slightly. I did find most of the title animals, except ironically, the huge humpback whale. It’s very easy to miss some of the creatures due to the depths of the water but with patience, you can find them all. At the end of the day, I’d say Ocean Rift is less of a “WOW” game – much like NTVR in comparison to theBlu. theBlu, you can put the headset on someone and they’ll see awesome things while in these other games, you have to dig out your own moments to experience.

Ocean Rift - The Good

  • Great price for the content amount
  • Great effort into species variety
  • Generous amount of content and area to explore

Ocean Rift - The Bad

  • A little hard to find some animals, its hard to tell where a sound is coming

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