Overkill VR Review for HTC Vive - VR

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Overkill VR Review for HTC Vive - VR

So I’m not a gun guy. I prefer usually bows or medieval weapons for my wave shooters although I do appreciate the sound of a bullet piercing through a zombie in Arizona Sunshine as much as the next guy. Overkill VR is the “wave shooter” made for the gun enthusiast with a painful amount of detail put into weapon upgrades and the naming conventions of such. For me, I would have been fine with a generic “SMG +1 Damage” type upgrade but, they actually went out of their way to name the parts of the gun specifically being upgraded. Oh, did I say upgrade? There is about 8-9 different areas on the STARTING WEAPON alone to improve – color me impressed.

Overkill VR is nothing really new to the VR system – it’s a game where you stand and shoot at enemies. Being in a genre this populated, it is hard to stand out but Overkill VR does in my mind. Through the intelligent use of stars, you will be rewarded for effort in missions that UNLOCK future missions AND give bonuses to money right away. Something like, “Use less than half your primary ammo” or “Complete the mission under 3 minutes” are examples. The system is very reminiscent to me of Super Mario 3D World in which you will want to go back and defeat levels over with different objectives to make sure you don’t miss any stars.

The actual enemies seemed less varied but actually have “levels” themselves much like you. Oh, did I mention you get experience points- because you do. You will gain experience which unlocks guns(besides still requiring money). The enemy level from what I could tell improved their health and damage towards you. The game is very cover mechanic heavy. Expect to be crouched or laying flat at times if you want to truly not take damage. It is not an old arcade shooter where you just try to kill them as fast as possible while taking no damage. In addition to all of the above, you can also take items with you on missions like grenades or health packs. I didn’t quite understand the healthpack (if I used it or not) but I believe its fairly simple. There is also items/bombs/powerups that float over the enemies in missions that give temporary benefits.

Overkill VR is a good game to me. Graphically, its not the best I’ve seen and the audio reminds me of something from a time long ago(maybe an arcade shooter) but the amount of customization and the intelligence of having varying objectives in a mission is brilliant. The price of the game is $19.99 as I write this review and, again, it really comes down to how much you love the genre. At least, with this wave shooter, there is actual “achievement chasing” to be had which could greatly extend the replay value of the game.

Overkill VR - The Good

  • Customization
  • Mission objectives
  • Cover mechanics are fun but make sure you have room
  • PPGun compatible if you own it
  • $19.99 is a good price for the amount of content

Overkill VR - The Bad

  • Sounds
  • Visually not amazing
  • Enemy variety seemed weak initially

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