Queendoom Review for HTC Vive - VR

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Queendoom Review for HTC Vive - VR

“The war in Queendoom has begun! Are you going to let them win?” – No, I’m not.

Queendoom is a “wave shooter” but, not really. You actually are set on top of a castle rampart with a bow firing at enemies as they approach from afar. Unlike a gun, your arrow flies based upon how you angle your bow and how far back you pull the string – in essence, a skill or practice which could be more akin to being good at Guitar Hero than a reflex gun shooter. Even after playing for a bit, if I take a break – I need to “warm up” to make those shots – that is how I define a skill based game. If you can’t make the shots, you lose – its just that simple and the game has no mercy about that.

The good is – the game is fair from what I have seen. You can handle situations if you remain calm and utilize the locomotion options to move away from projectiles while firing down hell upon your enemies. The variety of monsters you see are very impressive – things from wolves to huge octopus type creatures and what I would assume are trolls. In Queendoom, if that isn’t even enough – you can summon allies to help you. They actually run around and fight with convincing AI as the enemies try to kite your warriors – this is far beyond what I expected. To reward your progress, you also unlock more parts of the shop which you can access in between waves on the level. At the end of the 2nd battle – I have some new items and allies that I did not have before. There is a lot of strategy involved with playing Queendoom. You are rewarded for accuracy as it makes sense – arrows “take resources” theoretically so firing them away like a blind bat won’t give any rewards. If you manage to have a decent accuracy(rewards begin at 50%) or can score headshots, you’ll be rewarded bonus gold at the end of a round.

Moving around the castle rampart is very fun. In my time, I move slowly right to left as the enemies get closer to the door. There is a fairly close spot to the door that you can usually shoot the closest enemies but will allow enemies to approach from afar while you must be accurate. It can get a little hectic as enemies begin firing at you, firing at the wall, firing at your allies – there is truly a lot going on. My only gripe I encountered is the store menu is really strange. I had to hover my hand ABOVE the “buy” button to make a purchase despite it being lit up while hovering lower. This is something to be aware of and hopefully be patched out.

Queendoom is $9.99 currently as this review is written on Steam. It is probably my favorite wave shooter(I’m not as big of a fun of the sci/fi ones that are popular) and the allies system sold that for me. It is so cool to watch your warriors fight below as you fire arrows to support them – it is truly interesting and immersive. For the price, I can say its one of the best games <$10 if not the best when it comes to action. If you can get used to the bow (it IS tricky and even frustrating), you'll be rewarded for your efforts in both in-game progress and real life satisfaction.

Queendoom - The Good

  • MOVE around the castle, don't just stand still like most wave shooters
  • Skill based/Fair Gameplay

Queendoom - The Bad

  • Bow IS difficult to learn and get used to
  • Shop controls seemed off

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