VR Slugger Review for HTC Vive - VR

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VR Slugger Review for HTC Vive - VR

VR Slugger is basically a baseball game for the VR by Poly Poly Games. By baseball, I mean Homerun Derby with various game modes. In my Let’s Play I erroneously compared it to Wii Baseball but I don’t think thats true after thinking about it since Wii Baseball did actually have a baseball game/scoring. VR Slugger is one mini-game perfected. The actual batting system, the variety of approaches and look of the game is actually really good. If you enjoyed this mini-game enough, you probably won’t see another Homerun Derby game looking this good or have such variety of modes.

The game features a Practice Mode, Time Attack, Puzzle Mode and Legend Mode.

The Practice Mode I couldn’t try but I’m assuming it is like it sounds. Time attack is what I would consider the “classic” style of a Home Run Derby – hit as many homeruns as possible in the given amount of time. Puzzle Mode was strange to me, it looked like you were supposed to hit certain areas of the field but alas, I didn’t get far. Legend Mode looked like it had the most bells and whistles with various pitchers and their “hitpoints” displayed, which you had to defeat by aiming the ball at certain parts of the outfield/home run area.

One of the bigger problems I ran into was I couldn’t stand on the left side of the plate(bat right handed). It was NOT due to the game but something with my room setup. I believe you need a generous amount of room space to enjoy the room. It’d be nice if there was a “reset camera” type button that realign the game to where you were standing in real life and if there is, I missed it.

For the asking price of $11.99, I wouldn’t buy it but to be fair, I’m not a fan of time attack/mini game style games. I don’t think its a bad game and to some, it might be worth the price. It’s a great DEMO game, especially if you have family, friends or a party to show off your VR. For myself, I can’t really see much reason to revisit.

VR Slugger - The Good

  • Polished visuals and audio
  • Boasts a good amount of game variety
  • Has some challenge
  • Amazing demo game for groups/parties
  • If you like this mini-game, its the game for you

VR Slugger - The Bad

  • As a solo, serious game - probably not
  • It's just 1 minigame in various concepts

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