Water Planet Review for HTC Vive - VR

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Water Planet Review for HTC Vive - VR

Water Planet is a planet full of various shades of teals, blues and grays – and at the end of the day, it is a walking simulator. Water Planet doesn’t boast much in challenges, puzzles and is aimed more as an experience. The actual length of the game seemed to clock in under an hour; for myself it was around 45 minutes and a bit of that was just the delay of waiting for in between level transitions or Aqua to lead you somewhere.

In my Lets Play, I realized something – The game is what it is. I’m likely not the target audience as I’m a gamer first. I like to win(or lose) and faster pace where as this game is more of a “just enjoy the ride” type game. Visually the game has a style to it – the colors are very much like the logo of the game itself. There is a lot of spoken dialogue both from your ship and from a jelly fish you meet named Aqua. There is some EDM style music by VIRGO which definitely stands out while playing. In a weird way, it could be almost an interactive “music video” similar to the Google Spotlight Stories songs with the emphasis the music has in the game. I actually enjoyed the music on that note.

Negatively, the price to play ratio is quite low. I have no intention of replaying the game. I am fairly resistant to nausea and motion sickness from playing VR games but this one got to me somewhat. I’m not sure if its the graphical jerking motion that the in between level platforms have or just the movement itself. I think the game might be worth a grab under $10 similarly to my recently reviewed Batman Arkham VR.

At $19.99, I could not recommend this unless you have a large amount of people to share the game with OR the experience alone is worth it to you. It’s not necessarily short – there are plenty of games around this price range shorter but it is quite repetitive. The game does have “puzzles” in a sense of hitting buttons but you couldn’t possibly NOT know where to go since there are always waypoints lit up. I have no real complaint about this as I’d hate to be lost in certain areas of the game and would rather just “move along”. The graphics aren’t the best I’ve seen BUT, it works with the style. It doesn’t have to be the best looking game because it fits a theme and style that makes the game unique. I’m also someone who likes animal viewing orientated games, as one of my favorite games is theBlu but don’t expect this game to be anything like that.

Water Planet - The Good

  • Visually unique
  • Lots of audio dialogue
  • Music by VIRGO is good

Water Planet - The Bad

  • Repetitive
  • Very simple game
  • Limited Replay Value
  • $20 for under an hour of gameplay

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