Hero of Light VR : Episode 1 Review for HTC Vive - VR

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The World of Legend VR: Episode 1 Review for HTC Vive - VR

I have entered The World of Legend VR and left victoriously. World of Legend VR is a very asian stylized action game that has an authentic, polished feeling despite it costing a mere 99 cents. When you begin the game, everything is in Simplified Chinese but you can switch to English before proceeding. You are presented with a short tutorial and go into the game which plays like a mix of wave shooter and melee combat. You are given a shield, a range weapon and a sword – all that suck up mana which you’ll run out of quick(as I learned). After you finish this level, The World of Legend VR will be completed as that is the one and only level. My total playtime was about 15 minutes or so – including the tutorial time.

So let’s get over the goods – Visually and audio of the game is very well done. It PLAYS very nice and I didn’t encounter any problems or bugs. The tutorial was self explanatory and left you understanding all the concepts of the game. For a 99 cent, it actually had as much game length as some $20 games(cough ) and plays more like a demo than a full length game. I could see it being played once to be shown at a party for instance but you wouldn’t really have any reason to replay the game.

As this is “episode 1”, I imagine there is more installments they plan on adding to the game. I’m not sure if the future installments will be priced for 99 cents but it seemed outrageously cheap considering the quality/15 minutes of the game but I can’t imagine a higher charge either without the replay value. It feels fairly priced and if the “full length” game, once released, kept the quality, it would deserve a full price tag. For the price and quality of the game, I can’t complain. It’s tricky to rate this game on a 1-10 scale since the price alone makes it a perfect 10 so I will be judging it as if it was asking a “normal price” and an 8 out of 10 seems about right.

The World of Legend VR: Episode 1 - The Good

  • High quality graphics and sounds
  • Actually has a platform that moves which changes the environment
  • 99 CENTS

The World of Legend VR: Episode 1 - The Bad

  • No Replay Value

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