Wrath of Loki VR Adventure Review for HTC Vive - VR

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Wrath of Loki VR Adventure Review for HTC Vive - VR

I went into Wrath of Loki VR Adventure with no idea of what to expect. The description to me on the steam page read as “Wrath of Loki will allow you to enter a fantasy world, gather magical artifacts, and solve puzzles that epitomize the genre.” In my mind, it sounded a bit like an escape room style game with some narrative transitions. In reality, Wrath of Loki VR Adventure is largely a “point and click” type game. For instance, you must find 30 daggers or find 5 goblets of each color. That’s it. There isn’t puzzle solving really – just finding things like…Where’s Waldo. The actual visuals are fine and fit the game as a hand drawn game. I think just the description threw me for a loop.

There isn’t much for me to say about the game beyond a single paragraph – its 90% find objects, 10% some other minor puzzle tasks like matching symbols. The game itself took me about 12 minutes to complete. I would likely not replay it. It seems far more suitable for children or someone who likes very easy challenges with some good music and narrative. Very surprisingly, the game actually offers difficulty settings. From what I could tell, it affected hints – which I did use one after being annoyed trying to find a stray horn on a picture for a while. The hardest difficulty didn’t offer hints while the easiest offered unlimited hints. The middle difficulty limited hints to a time. As an adult, its probably too easy to play and you’ll find yourself breezing through it. It’s a fairly good introductory game to VR because of the lack of movement and more or less just standing in one spot rotating around.

Considering the price, I can’t hit it too hard on game length or expectations. It’s $2.99 and that is the base price. I give it a 4/10 just because it failed to really interest me as a serious gamer but I’m far from the target casual audience. $3 for 12 minutes of gameplay for me that was not very stimulating is hard to recommend but maybe you like where’s waldo more than I do.

Wrath of Loki VR Adventure - The Good

  • Appropriately priced
  • Suitable for children besides the dead hanging person
  • Music and narrative is good
  • Drawings look good

Wrath of Loki VR Adventure - The Bad

  • Too easy
  • Too short
  • Is largely a "find the hidden objects" game

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