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Best HTC Vive Games I've Played Nov '17 - VR HTC Vive News

HTC Vive is becoming a thing. The HTC Vive Library is exploding and the variety of games on the Steam VR store is becoming more diverse. For instance, looking at recent releases right now – I see everything from a Titanic exploration simulator to an MMO. I mean, talk about diversity.

I will attempt at a minimum of monthly or bi-monthly to release a “Best of” list of my favorite HTC Vive titles I have played recently that weren’t featured upon any of my previous lists. These are not always newly discovered game as I am playing a LARGE backlog of VR games I haven’t had the chance to complete. My general rules about the games I choose to review are that they must 1. Primarily use Tracked Motion Controllers(no gamepads, sorry) and 2. Work with the HTC Vive.

Here are my Top 5 Best HTC Vive Games VR Picks of November 2017 :

1. Serious Sam VR : The First EncounterReviewLet’s Play Video Part 1.

Review Score : 10/10

Why? : I went into Serious Sam VR : The First Encounter, for the HTC Vive, with no expectations. This is easily one of the best HTC vive games. I have never played a Serious Sam game before and I have only heard of it largely from my youth. Once I switched to movement, I found it to be EASILY the most natural feeling VR game. I could play 1-2 hours and feel no nausea. The plays and counterplays against enemies felt second nature quickly. It was not overly complicated while still being complicated enough to keep my interest through the 9 hour play through. I recommend it highly to anyone who likes run n’ gun style FPS games such as Doom or Quake. It is a rather serious investment for the price so I recommend it tepidly if you aren’t a fan of challenging, fast paced shooters.

2. Henry the Hamster HandlerReviewLet’s Play Video.

Review Score 10/10

Why? : Saving Hamsters is the name of the game in this frantic whac-a-mole style game. Everyone likes a pick up and play game and Henry the Hamster Handler feels like a great HTC Vive title for that. Boasting a budget price($5 or less) on Steam, this is a game you could show anyone and they’d be able to give it a shot. Unlike most of those “VR Demo” style games, however, this game gets TOUGH QUICK. It goes from “wow, this is easy” to “git gud” within 5-6 levels. My nightmares only behold what is beyond those levels. For the perfectionists out there, there is even greater medals and achievements for saving more hamsters.

3. Arizona SunshineReviewLets Play Video FULL game

Review Score : 10/10

This game has been out for a while and talked to death so I feel silly putting it in a November 2017 list but, to be honest, I haven’t played it until this month as my VR was on hiatus while moving and until being unpacked. Arizona Sunshine was and is one of the most well known VR games and it deserves it. Although it doesn’t have the frantic pure joy I felt playing Serious Sam VR : The First Edition – it boasts much better visuals and a nice, natural inventory management. Much of Arizona Sunshine is a mix of slugging through small amounts of zombies practicing head shots with “horde” moments where you will panic and die the first time or two. Arizona Sunshine also likely features the most developed protagonist of all the games on this list and has much spoken color dialogue to bridge your zombie kills.

4. QueendoomReviewLets Play Video .

Of all the HTC Vive titles, Queendoom is a game that takes no prisoners. If you like aiming for headshots in a shooter and like high risk/high reward situations, this might be your game. In Queendoom, you fire arrows down at fantasy creatures attacking your castle. Along the way, you can summon allies and upgrade your bow with new arrows. Queendoom is a game of skill – not chance or reaction. You must have a proper idea and practice of how and where the arrow will go. It has NO MERCY for slop play or frantic play and you generally have to be dead on. Defeating a level in this always feels like an accomplishment. Considering it is also a <$10 game, I think its a safe buy for most. You will need the patience to proceed and improve your skills though as you watch your door helplessly get battered in while missing shots. Review Score : 10/10 5. Overkill VRReviewLets Play Video

Overkill VR

Review Score : 7/10

Not for myself do I think this is the best htc vive game and although the lowest on this list for Review Score, I give Overkill VR a serious nod as one of the better wave shooters for the HTC Vive. Graphically, it looks great but what really caught my attention while playing was the customization and amount of upgrades available. There was a large amount of levels and “special achievements” for each that helped balance the general blandness that HTC Vive game wave shooters eventually develops. It is a gun enthusiast’s dream, likely more so than myself, with the specific weapon upgrades and changes that you can use your money for. I did not play this game far but I recommend it for anyone who likes a non-horror based wave shooter.

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