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Best HTC Vive Games 2017

Welcome to HTCViveGameReview.com’s Countdown of the best released HTC Vive Games of 2017.

My general rules are :

* Must be on the HTC Vive(DUH!)

* Must be playable with the tracked motion controller primarily

* Not early access

* Something I have personally reviewed or played for the site.

Video Version :

8. Dead Effect 2 VR


So how do I feel about this game? It might sound like I am a hater of the game but I’m not – for the non-discounted steam price – I’d still say its worth it. The 8 hours I got out of it felt worthy of the price – especially compared to other titles. I liked it better than Doom VFR which completely lacked motion options out of the box. The game isn’t too scary to me at this point in my VR playing experience but it still has a few jump scares when you’re not expecting it. The variety of weapons, mission types and actual “rpg” feeling to a shooter makes it rewarding to stick around and play longer than other shooters. It’s an actual, true full-length VR game that feels near polished.

7. Exorcist : Legion VR


At the current Steam price of around $10 for the two episodes – it is about what it is worth. I wouldn’t call it a steal simply because of the short playtime. Despite the low play time, I’d say the polished look makes up for it with what you pay. If you have friends or someone to share the title with, the value would increase. It really has no replay value that I can think of otherwise. The episodic pricing system will be interesting, as far as I’m aware there isn’t any other title like that on VR.

6. Henry the Hamster Handler


I highly recommend this game for the current price of $4.99(on sale at times for even less!) It has a wealth of content and seriously – its a challenge of madness. The game doesn’t seem to offer other modes but each level offers a bonus stars for “perfection” which would encourage replay if you wanted to achieve more than just simply passing the levels. I give it 10/10 for what it is, how well it performs, how great it looks and the price itself.

5. The Invisible Hours

I have not reviewed this game yet officially as I am still playing it.

4. Paranormal Activity : The Lost Soul


This to me is the ultimate experience for Paranormal Activity to VR. I love the Paranormal Activity movies(don’t tell anyone) – even the last few. This game captured what I would hope of a Paranormal Activity style game while keeping it friendly for VR.

3. Nature Treks VR


I really have no bad things to say. The warning, again, is its not a game. You don’t win. You don’t hunt the animals. You don’t get points. You just walk around and look at cool sights, animals and have minor manipulation of the environment. If that sounds like a thing for you – then this is up your alley. If you enjoyed theBlu but wanted to walk around and explore also – this is for you. It doesn’t look quite as good as theBlu but to be fair, the exploration/feeling distance helps make up for it. The game deserves a bit of attention and even for my Lets Play, I had to split it up into 3 videos due to the detail and interest each environment boasted.

2. The Talos Principle : VR


I am not usually a puzzle genre player but The Talos Principle VR feels great to play. The visuals are polished and movement is natural with teleport(and they have other locomotion options enabled!). When you figure out a puzzle and have that eureka moment – it’s a great feeling to hear that “claimed sigil” sound.

The game currently retails at $39.99 on steamVR which might be high but it is a true polished, finished game that won countless awards for it’s NON-VR version and I can see why.

1. Serious Sam : The First Encounter


I think my best endorsement would be – this was pure VR perfected fun. It felt natural, it felt like second nature. I actually looked forward to playing a long session and unlike quite a few VR games, it didn’t feel like a chore. I wondered ahead how difficult the next level would be and what unique challenges would be presented. Using “classic motion” really made the game come to live and I recommend it highly. I will likely never play teleport in a game again unless forced. I give this game my highest praise and easily a 10/10. I look forward to playing the future games of Serious Sam VR.

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