Lets Play Doom VFR, Hitting a Brick Wall, etc. Video - HTC Vive - VR

Doom VFR, Hitting a Brick Wall, etc. - VR HTC Vive News

Doom VFR has been played. The Let’s Play can be found here.

As it is, I can’t really recommend Doom VFR as it lacks Free Locomotion. It is embarrassing to find the first “top tier” FPS launch title to have a worst movement system than many escape room games. I am not going to bother reviewing it one way or another until this is patched in. It looked great otherwise and played well but for the moment, I have it refunded and I’m on a temporary halt of proceeding further.

Another game that got played and completed was Exorcist : Legion VR. You can find the Let’s Play here.

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