Games like Diablo – Godwars

Games Like Diablo - Godwars

Games Like Diablo – Godwars

Genre : Fantasy, Strategy, Simulation, Games like Diablo

Concept : Wage war with other players, build cities, explore dynamically created worlds that react and expand to you.



The fantasy universe of Godwars was destroyed and crumbled as 8 elder gods left existence. YOU are the next generation of gods to inherit and struggle for this universe. BUILD a city for your followers, EXPLORE worlds YOU expand and create dynamically, FIGHT in real-time combat with assignable strategies, WAGE WAR with huge groups of highly detailed adventurers and COLLECT dynamically created loot. Similar to games like diablo – A combination of elements from Diablo, Fire Emblem, Sim City and Final Fantasy. This is a TEXT-based game with elements of music and beautiful artwork. Free to play always.


Every dimension you explore is dynamically created. No two dimensions are the same.
Evolving difficulty level bases itself upon your party and your success.
TONS of monster varieties face against you in real-time using strategies and tactics just like you.
Party based combat with supporting roles, casters and front-line tanks.
Fight HUGE bosses.
Rankings for everything.
Solve riddles and other mini-games in “click, results” type events such as lock picking or magic mirrors.
Build cities that improve your ability to adventure.
Mini games form secondary games within Godwars.
Very expansive class system where you can evolve your followers to different classes based upon their statistics, gender and other hidden elements.
Tons of art, music and sound to immerse you into the experience. Credits and Disclaimers