Lets Play Mega Budget VR Games – Reviewed and Lets Played Video - HTC Vive - VR

Added 3 more Reviews and Let’s Plays for budget priced VR HTC Vive titles (all of these were purchased for $2 or less during sales or normal circumstances.)

Far Space VR was a strange game. It had a lot of different “sections” and was a true test for motion sickness. Watch the Lets Play here and read the review here.

Bullet VR was visually impressive but a huge let down with the buggy reload and very boring game modes. Review here and Lets Play here.

Perhaps the best of the 3 was a random asian stylized RPG. I had no expectations for this game but it was the best of the three visually and audio wise and felt like a “big studio” game. 99 cents. Review here and Lets Play here.

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