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Trophy Fishing Online 2 - Online Fishing Games

Trophy Fishing Online 2 – Online Fishing Games

Genre : Sports, Fishing, Simulation, Strategy, Online Fishing Games

Concept : Players train stats, compete in tournaments and fish for a large variety of fish.


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Trophy Fishing Online 2 is an online fishing game from Red Shade Games LLC and part of the Online Fishing Games universe. The game has been created and operated since 2006 and features many features that surpass other online games. The game is text-based and is hardcore but is easy to learn over time.

The definitive fishing-simulation game featuring a hands-on reeling system. Navigate the lakes, streams and oceans of the world and cast from over 500 lures. Dozens of unique tournaments pass through each month of the game featuring fierce head-to-head competitions as well as relaxing hobby fishing. This game was developed prior to Trophy Hunting Online and thus many similarities are found between the two.


Over 250 fish species.
Over 500 lures.
Fish the GLOBE with over 50 streams, lakes and oceans and over 350 uniquely detailed fish locations.
Weather and Climate System
Flyfishing, Ocean Fishing, Freshwater Fishing and Exotic Locations.
Friendly community and translations for all languages
Real player vs player tournaments and season tournaments that test your skill and patience
Real world manufacturers and lures to compete
Beginner and expert fishing systems to match your preferences
A true online fishing game – not a flash game
RPG elements including upgrading experience and gaining money from fish
One of the most complex online fishing games on the internet
A text based game