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It's free - How can I not recommend it? It really doesn't feature any less content than some games that are in the $5-$15 range that are essentially the same game so I give it my seal of approval. HTC Vive VR Games Review

Nick – Christmas VR Game

Reviewing Free to Play games is always difficult. How much can I really expect from something that is free? Opposed to some sayings like “Nothing in life is Free”, Nick for the VR is actually free with no catches. As I write this review – they aren’t even promoting any in-game items or additional purchases so I’m not sure what Firstborn Games’s motivation is besides a little bit of good publicity.

That said, Nick is actually a game that works. Despite being free, everything worked fine and made sense besides the lumber(read later). The goal of Nick is you’re basically fighting evil little robotic elves who are attacking your base. The enemies come from 4 directions and the game shockingly features teleport locomotion rather than just standing still like many wave shooters. While running around your base – you can power your base with power cells, grab ammo from presents, create lumber and board up your windows with a hammer. Free tip : The Hammer is OP vs enemies if you want to save least on casual it was very strong. The game even features a tutorial in addition to the regular game which explained all the finer points of the game.

The only difficulty I faced while playing the game is the lumber. When I used the saw mill, the lumber didn’t pop out. I’m not sure if there was something else I needed to do but it seemed like it was a problem. I’ll give the benefit of the doubt though that I was doing something wrong – I didn’t have much time to experiment between waves. Another small issue is sometimes the enemies get stuck trying to get inside and they hop around randomly outside a window.

Overall – Nick looks good. It’s polished, dare I say featuring some nice Christmas themes and some one-liners similar to a Duke Nukem or Serious Sam game. It’s free – How can I not recommend it? It really doesn’t feature any less content than some games that are in the $5-$15 range that are essentially the same game so I give it my seal of approval.

It's a great DEMO game, especially if you have family, friends or a party to show off your VR. For myself, I can't really see much reason to revisit. HTC Vive VR Games Review

VR Slugger

VR Slugger is basically a baseball game for the VR by Poly Poly Games. By baseball, I mean Homerun Derby with various game modes. In my Let’s Play I erroneously compared it to Wii Baseball but I don’t think thats true after thinking about it since Wii Baseball did actually have a baseball game/scoring. VR Slugger is one mini-game perfected. The actual batting system, the variety of approaches and look of the game is actually really good. If you enjoyed this mini-game enough, you probably won’t see another Homerun Derby game looking this good or have such variety of modes.

The game features a Practice Mode, Time Attack, Puzzle Mode and Legend Mode.

The Practice Mode I couldn’t try but I’m assuming it is like it sounds. Time attack is what I would consider the “classic” style of a Home Run Derby – hit as many homeruns as possible in the given amount of time. Puzzle Mode was strange to me, it looked like you were supposed to hit certain areas of the field but alas, I didn’t get far. Legend Mode looked like it had the most bells and whistles with various pitchers and their “hitpoints” displayed, which you had to defeat by aiming the ball at certain parts of the outfield/home run area.

One of the bigger problems I ran into was I couldn’t stand on the left side of the plate(bat right handed). It was NOT due to the game but something with my room setup. I believe you need a generous amount of room space to enjoy the room. It’d be nice if there was a “reset camera” type button that realign the game to where you were standing in real life and if there is, I missed it.

For the asking price of $11.99, I wouldn’t buy it but to be fair, I’m not a fan of time attack/mini game style games. I don’t think its a bad game and to some, it might be worth the price. It’s a great DEMO game, especially if you have family, friends or a party to show off your VR. For myself, I can’t really see much reason to revisit.

I really have no bad things to say. The warning, again, is its not a game. You don't win. You don't hunt the animals. You don't get points. HTC Vive VR Games Review

Nature Treks VR

Nature Treks VR – a game that came out of nowhere for me. I was a big fan of theBlu and after playing some other nature/casual/simulators, I was sort of thinking this genre was a one time thing. Nature Treks VR, brought back the nature/walking simulator genre to a new height and puts it as one of my favorite VR games right now.

To be fair, Nature Treks VR isn’t really a game. It’s more of an experience. You walk around – listening to ambient electronic music which has some minor visualizer results. There is a generous amount of area to explore in each environment and the author actually is releasing new environments(as of this review, a new environment was released Nov 2017.) You don’t win or lose – you just experience.

The animals you encounter are all very well detailed and animated despite some strange clipping(they will walk THROUGH objects/trees.) You have no interaction with them and them no interaction with each other or you. The sizes are spectacularly diverse from small rabbits to giant whales. The author even put in the extra effort of having juvenile sizes to roam with the adults.

I need to emphasize too – this game does have WALKING. You actually FREE roam OR teleport. Free locomotion, something I couldn’t even hope for in the Doom VFR release is in THIS game. It works great – using the controller as your orientation and movement. There is some small glitches/visual errors like animals walking through trees but that is about it.

I really have no bad things to say. The warning, again, is its not a game. You don’t win. You don’t hunt the animals. You don’t get points. You just walk around and look at cool sights, animals and have minor manipulation of the environment. If that sounds like a thing for you – then this is up your alley. If you enjoyed theBlu but wanted to walk around and explore also – this is for you. It doesn’t look quite as good as theBlu but to be fair, the exploration/feeling distance helps make up for it. The game deserves a bit of attention and even for my Lets Play, I had to split it up into 3 videos due to the detail and interest each environment boasted.

I still can't imagine buying a game for this price when there is actual full games with free locomotion with a story and just as exciting as action but that pretty much is my opinion of all wave shooters. HTC Vive VR Games Review

Front Defense

Front Defense is yet another VR wave shooter. This one isn’t a sci-fi or zombie one but this time a World War 2 style which surprisingly, I haven’t played yet.

For $20, Front Defense boasts some polished visuals that actually are one of the better looking for wave shooter. It has a “long” vision range that you can see enemies approaching from a distance. I could not make it past the first level so I can’t comment on the second or third levels but it seems like the replay value is basically a “score chaser”. You unlock the next levels by achieving accumulated scores so even if you lose, you make progress towards the next level(which I liked.) The variety of weapons(on the first level) included a gattling style gun, a machine gun, a bazooka and grenades. I didn’t mess around much with the grenades but everything with the weapons made sense and they worked unlike some wave shooters I reviewed *cough* Bullet VR *cough*.

As far as negatives, I had to exit the tutorial to change settings but unfortunately when I could not find the tutorial again. Another problem was there was “objects” outside my play area. It’s possible I too aggressively formed my play area in VR so I can’t really blame the game for this 100%. The big gamble with Front Defense to me is the cost. A whopping $20 for 3 stages in a wave shooter seems very tough to overcome when its not on sale. The visuals and audio and the execution of the game is actually one of the best I’ve seen and worthy in the likes of Space Pirate Trainer but the cost seemed a bit high to me. There wasn’t as much variety in game modes as some of the other shooters or the customization of something like Overkill VR.

I can’t recommend it for the price. It isn’t the worst wave shooter by a long shot for the price. Compared to Rom : Extraction which is similarly priced, this one at least has some challenge and variety that keeps it interesting. I still can’t imagine buying a game for this price when there is actual full games with free locomotion with a story and just as exciting as action but that pretty much is my opinion of all wave shooters.

As far as the goods and bads - The amount of mini games that the game comes with works well but it definitely wouldn't work too much for replay value. HTC Vive VR Games Review

Felt Tip Circus

Felt Tip Circus is a game that has a ton of potential in my opinion. It is a game in which you are performers in a circus and you basically play mini games to impress the crowd. The game, as I write this review, is packaged with 4 games such as knife throwing or lion taming. You basically play until your time is up and there is extra rewards(revealed at the very end). As far as multiplayer works, you simply take turns similar to a hot seat game. The game looks very polished – from the menu to the actual circus room itself – Felt Tip Circus has a definitive look that really works. The audio and music also is what you would expect from a game of this type and fits in well.

As far as the goods and bads – The amount of mini games that the game comes with works well but it definitely wouldn’t work too much for replay value. Thankfully the game does support Steam Workshop and I did manage to play an additional game that someone created that involved whacking gummi bears similar to whac-a-mole. There is no other content though unfortunately but I have to give the developer credit for attempting to add workshop mode. In my video, I truly believe a “randomized” mode would be best for the mini games rather than choosing what appears. It’s possible this is already in the game, and if so – I didn’t find it. I also had no idea how the lion tamer mini game worked but I’m assuming its something I misunderstood.

Is it worth buying? Obviously, this isn’t a worthy buy as a single player game. It’s an interest pick if its on sale but expect much mileage out of it besides just trying the mini games once through and uninstalling. For a game that could played in a group or with kids, its far more likely a valid purchase.

Graphically and audio wise the game looks very polished. You can tell Wolf & Wood carried over a lot of their great work from A Chair in a Room : Greenwater with this title. HTC Vive VR Games Review

Exorcist : Legion VR

I’d say few things translate as well to VR as first-person horror games. Although Alien Isolation for me was probably the most “intense” horror game I’ve played on console – standing “alone”, feeling “alone” in a dark room in VR with subtle ambient sounds is consistently more frightening. Exorcist : Legion VR is another such horror game in the veins of A Chair In a Room : Greenwater or Paranormal Activity : The Lost Soul. It is significantly less gameplay length than either of these games as it plans on being an episodic game rather than a straight up game at release. Currently, I’ve finished the first and second levels(play through here) so that is what my review is based upon. The total playtime for me of the two episodes was about 0.7 hours and that was rushing a little and using the hint system once or twice.

I’d like to say, the hint system is a nice addition to a game like this. One of my big problems with escape rooms/mystery/find the object/solve the puzzle type games is I don’t have the patience for it. I love the story and I want to see what happens next but generally, I can’t bring myself to do the work once things start getting cryptic. Fortunately, I found this game not too cryptic or puzzling – only one spot stumped me completely and that was simply me “missing” something. The lighting is really well done – particularly the church level. The game does have jump scares so be aware of this.

Graphically and audio wise the game looks very polished. You can tell Wolf & Wood carried over a lot of their great work from A Chair in a Room : Greenwater with this title. You can see a lot of effort put particularly into the menu system as well – utilizing the phone and a nice little inventory for the tools you find along the way. Difficulty wise, you will have some situations you CAN die but it seems the game keeps you in a loop until you solve the issue without losing any time. I appreciate this since replaying puzzle sections in VR that you have already completed is quite tedious.

At the current Steam price of around $10 for the two episodes – it is about what it is worth. I wouldn’t call it a steal simply because of the short playtime. Despite the low play time, I’d say the polished look makes up for it with what you pay. If you have friends or someone to share the title with, the value would increase. It really has no replay value that I can think of otherwise. The episodic pricing system will be interesting, as far as I’m aware there isn’t any other title like that on VR.

As far as gameplay goes, it is you've seen one, you've seen 'em all. HTC Vive VR Games Review

Evolution VR

Evolution VR puts you into the role of a creature/cell, eating other competing cells to evolve into the “top of the food chain”. Part of that is gaining new body parts and customizing your look – if you want 4 eyes, you can have ’em. If you want horns around your body, it’s possible. It’s very much like E.V.O. for the SNES or Spore(particularly the 1st part when you are a cell.)

In my play experience, I did the first 3 levels which surprisingly took longer than I expected on a per level basis(I wasn’t taking my time.) The actual controls are fairly simple – move your hand and your fish swims to your hand. You can use your trigger to use an equipped special ability(for instance, dash). Everything felt fluid about playing the game and that is a very good thing for a VR experience. Graphically, the game looked great and the different life forms were brought to life in a cutesy sortof way(VERY much like Spore’s first level.) The audio sounded great and professional also.

As far as gameplay goes, it is “you’ve seen one, you’ve seen ’em all”. Not much really changes – yes, some new body parts are introduced but you’re basically doing the same thing over and over. I think a good way to help give a little more personality to the levels is perhaps a “boss fight” or even a storyline. As it is now, you just play until you complete the level (assuming you grow big enough). Surprisingly, I died a few times by underestimating the chomp of a bigger fish but it looks like you just pick up and go again. I don’t think there is a number of set lives you have like a typical arcade game.

Grading Evolution VR on the price of $9.99, I wouldn’t say it is worth it. After 15 minutes, I had honestly seem enough and wasn’t really that interested in playing further. I wouldn’t really call it boring and if I thought there was some interesting changes to gameplay/bosses, It’d be more tempting to continue. It’s still a better game/value than some of the $20+ games so I can’t knock it too much more than saying – if you can share the experience or perhaps have a kid who would like to play longer – it might be your thing. As an adult, playing alone, it’s not that great for a challenge or stimulation besides the visuals.

The neck hurting is probably the worst problem of the three I have with it. HTC Vive VR Games Review


A neck injury waiting to happen – Euclidean is the game in which you need to constantly be looking down while wearing an HTC Vive Headset. How does this translate? Ouch.

I’m not a big Lovecraft person – in fact, I’m woefully ignorant on the topic. The game has a lot of cool monsters and visuals as you fall and try to avoid them. There is a mode which triggers invincibility as you phase to a different dimension to also avoid hits from enemies.

A real whopper that took me by surprise is starting the game is cryptic. Despite there being a menu for level select and options, there is no “Start Game”. I actually had to look up online to figure out how to start the game – you have to look at the moon in the sky for a while. While tumbling into the abyss, my game kept going to that “steam loading” style VR room periodically. That white/wire frame room when your computer doesn’t render the VR fast enough. I have no idea why this game had so many problems as I can play Arizona Sunshine(highest) or Serious Sam(highest) but this game can’t handle it for some reason. It definitely made it even harder as the game would flash white constantly and stutter.

Overall, between these problems, I can’t really recommend the game. For the VR – The neck hurting is probably the worst problem of the three I have with it. It’s not a very stimulating game but definitely looks cool. It’s $4.99 new which I could not really recommend as there is actually a lot better $5 games that don’t injure your neck and back.

It was an enjoyable little romp in space for the price less of a snickers bar at Walmart. HTC Vive VR Games Review

Downward Spiral : Prologue

Another $2 game, another adventure. Surprisingly, there are many affordable VR games that give you a taste of how VR games can be… VR-ey – whether its Henry the Hamster Handler teaching you how to NOT kill hamsters, World of Legend showing you how to fight demons or Far Space VR teaching you how to get motion sickness. Downward Spiral : Prologue, enters that category as a $2 or less game (currently on steam it’s a whopping $0.79..YES, that’s seventy nine cents.)

The game, at first glance, showed space and my stomach churned thinking of Far Space VR. Fortunately, Downward Spiral : Prologue, was not any random movements that you weren’t controlling(the largest problem with Far Space VR). Basically, in Downward Spiral : Prologue, you are acting as an astronaut trying to save a station(I think?). You move through a space station, unlocking latches and fighting little drones that have apparently turned evil. The movement in this game is much different than any other as it attempts to simulate a zero-gravity type environment – meaning you grab things and push yourself forward. The most shocking aspect of this movement type is I didn’t get sick. I had some control over myself and the FPS was fluid enough that I handled the situation fine.

The entire game ran about 15-17 minutes in my play through. I didn’t really rush it but didn’t really take my time either. It was an enjoyable little romp in space for the price less of a snickers bar at Walmart. Surprisingly, it actually offered combat and an inventory system which was far beyond any of my expectations for a game of this price. It actually all served well for a backbone of a longer game if they make future installments.